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OTRC: Christian Bale phones 8-year-old cancer patient, sends gifts (Video, Transcript)

Zach Guillot, an 8-year-old cancer patient, talks to Christian Bale on the phone, as seen in this photo posted on the child's Facebook page. / Christian Bale appears in a scene from the 2012 film 'The Dark Knight Rises.' (facebook.com/ZachAttacksLeukemia / Warner Bros. Pictures)

Christian Bale recently phoned and sent gifts to an 8-year-old Seattle boy battling leukemia in a hospital to talk about Batman, four months after the "Dark Knight Rises" actor reached out to another child cancer patient who is a fan of the masked superhero he played on the big screen.

Bale called Zach Guillot on January 18 and his family posted a YouTube video of the boy talking to the actor on speakerphone while sitting on a hospital bed, with a tube in his nose. During his more than nine-minute conversation (see transcript below), Bale told the child that he made his day.

On January 29, Guillot's family shared on his Facebook page another video message, which read: "Christian Bale brightens Zach's day AGAIN - this time with a care package of Batman loot. Thank you Mr. Bale!"

The new clip shows the boy happily opening a package filled with Batman merchandise in front of his brother and parents. Among the gifts he received -- a Batman shirt, winter hat, coloring book, sticker book and blanket and photos.

"Thank yooooou!" the boy said.

Guillot was in February 2010 diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, a type of blood cancer. He relapsed in 2011 and has undergone two bone marrow transplants, according to his CaringBridge.org website.

In September, Bale flew Jayden Barber, another child cancer patient, and his family to Disneyland in California, where they got to dine with the actor and his wife at the theme park's members-only Club 33 restaurant.

The YouTube video of Guillot's phone conversation with the actor has been viewed more than 245,000 times, as of January 30, which is also Bale's 39th birthday. Check out a transcript and watch the video below:

GUILLOT's MOM: "Tell him that you tell everybody that you are Batman and that your brother believes that you're Batman."

CHRISTIAN BALE: "Oh really, you believe that you are?"


CHRISTIAN BALE: (Laughs) "That's great."

GUILLOT's DAD: "And that you have your own Batmobile."

ZACH GUILLOT: "And I have my own little Batmobile."


ZACH GUILLOT: "Made it out of cardboard."

CHRISTIAN BALE: "Oh, that's fantastic."

ZACH GUILLOT: "We put it on like one of those little ride-on toy cars"


ZACH GUILLOT: "Mmmhmm, like a model."

CHRISTIAN BALE: "Oh, that's great. And you."

ZACH GUILLOT: "Mmmhmm, like a model."

CHRISTIAN BALE: "Oh, that's great. And you have a costume?"

ZACH GUILLOT: "Uh huh, pretty much real. I got, like, the real mask and everything."

CHRISTIAN BALE: "That sounds fantastic. You know what? I had to give mine back. They didn't let me keep mine."


CHRISTIAN BALE: "You're lucky, that you get to have one."


CHRISTIAN BALE: "Run and tell people, you are Batman."


CHRISTIAN BALE: "And he's a pretty fantastic character."


CHRISTIAN BALE: "So you have a little brother?"



ZACH GUILLOT: "He likes Robin."

CHRISTIAN BALE: "He likes Robin, does he? (laughs) Well, that works really well, that's fantastic. You could be the dynamic duo together."


CHRISTIAN BALE: "You can be Batman and he can be Robin. And what's his name?"


CHRISTIAN BALE: "Jake? OK, well, you be sure and say hi to Jake for me, will you?"


CHRISTIAN BALE: "So where are you now? You're with your family?"


CHRISTIAN BALE: "Yeah, and you guys are in Seattle, is that right?"


CHRISTIAN BALE: "I don't know if you can hear my voice, but I wasn't born in America. I was actually born in a country called England."


CHRISTIAN BALE: "And a lot of people tell me that Seattle is a lot like England because it's kinda rainy."

ZACH GUILLOT: "(Laughs) Yes it does -- it is rainy."

CHRISTIAN BALE: "That's exactly the same as where I grew up. It rains a lot. There's always a lot of clouds, it's always a little bit gray, you know?"


CHRISTIAN BALE: "It's always fantastic when the sun comes out."


CHRISTIAN BALE: "And so, how old are you?"


CHRISTIAN BALE: "Eight years old?"


CHRISTIAN BALE: "And what month were you born in?"

ZACH GUILLOT: "(Laughs) I don't really ? I forgot. October."

CHRISTIAN BALE: "October. OK, mate. And so do you enjoy Halloween?"


CHRISTIAN BALE: "Did you ever dress up as Batman for Halloween?"

ZACH GUILLOT: "Oh, yeah I did, I did and I drove the Batmobile all around the block."

CHRISTIAN BALE: "Oh, fantastic."

ZACH GUILLOT: "Oh, yeah I did."

CHRISTIAN BALE: "Did you ever dress up as Batman for Halloween?"

GUILLOT'S MOM: "Did you tell him you were famous in your neighborhood?"

ZACH GUILLOT: "Mmmhmm. We had these little LED lights that we put on the front for headlights."


ZACH GUILLOT: "Mmmhmm. And it actually worked."

CHRISTIAN BALE: "That's great."

GUILLOT's DAD: "And your best friend dressed up as Catwoman and rode with you."


CHRISTIAN BALE: "Your best friend dressed up as Catwoman?"


CHRISTIAN BALE: "Oh, that's fantastic. You know, my wife, she did that as well. She would dress up as Catwoman, before we made 'The Dark Knight Rises,' before there was the character in the movie, my wife liked to have fun and she would dress up as Catwoman and come to visit me when I was at work."

ZACH GUILLOT: "(Laughs)."

CHRISTIAN BALE: "And my little girl, she's seven years old, and she would come along as well and she would dress up as Batgirl and visit me when I was working too, which was great. The thing that's great about Batman, the whole point of the movie, is that anybody can be, anybody can be Batman. You know, anybody can be as strong as that and help people and really put good out into the world. You know? So that's the whole point -- if you're dressing up and pretending to be Batman, that's the whole point of it. That's exactly what it's meant to be. I'm sure that your brother really loves that when you play Batman."

ZACH GUILLOT: "Kinda, yeah."

CHRISTIAN BALE: "(Laughs). And I'm sure that your parents absolutely adore to see you doing that."

ZACH GUILLOT: "Mmm, kind of."

GUILLOT's MOM: "Tell him how many birthday parties have we done that are Batman birthday, like every single one of them?"

ZACH GUILLOT: "(Laughs) Yep."

CHRISTIAN BALE: "Have they been? So when did you first see 'Batman'?"

ZACH GUILLOT: "I don't know."

CHRISTIAN BALE: "He just seemed like part of your life?"

ZACH GUILLOT: "Yep, kind of."

CHRISTIAN BALE: "He's been around for a long time. The man who first thought of Batman, that was back in 1939. How many years ago is that? That's more than 70 years ago."


CHRISTIAN BALE: "The man's been around. And the looks of different people who've played him, just like you and me. You know? I've played him and you've played and that's what's so great about him, that everyone can kind of share being Batman. And it's the same with me -- I can't remember the first time that I ever saw Batman either because he's been around for so long. I used to dress up like him as well, when I was your age. Yeah, OK, mate. Well, listen, it's really fantastic to speak with you and I'm so glad that you enjoyed our movies and I hope that you keep watching them. And I'll tell everybody about my conversation with you."


CHRISTIAN BALE: "I'll tell the lady who plays Catwoman and even, you know, the character Bane, in the last movie?"

ZACH GUILLOT: "No, not really."

GUILLOT's MOM AND DAD: "You know Bane!"

ZACH GUILLOT: "Yes, I know Bane. I know Bane."

CHRISTIAN BALE: "You know Bane?"

ZACH GUILLOT: "I know who he is."

CHRISTIAN BALE: "Even though he was not a good guy in the film, the man who played him in the film is a very good guy."


CHRISTIAN BALE: "And I'll tell him about speaking with you, Zach, as well."


CHRISTIAN BALE: "And the director as well. He loves to hear whenever I speak with anybody who is a big fan of the movies and it really makes us all so happy."


CHRISTIAN BALE: "And thank you, for doing that for us."

GUILLOT'S DAD: "If ya'll search 'Zach Attacks leukemia' on Facebook, you'll see Zach there and pictures of Zach and pictures of him in a Batman costume."

CHRISTIAN BALE: "Oh, fantastic."

GUILLOT'S DAD: "So feel free to look up his Facebook page."

CHRISTIAN BALE: "'Zach Attacks leukemia.'"

GUILLOT'S DAD: "Yeah, and it's spelled Z-A-C-H."

CHRISTIAN BALE: "OK. OK, I'll have a look at that, then."


CHRISTIAN BALE: "OK, mate, well listen, it was really fantastic to speak with you. It's made my day."

GUILLOT'S MOM: "(Whispers) Say, 'Thank you.'"

ZACH GUILLOT: "Thank you."

CHRISTIAN BALE: "Absolutely. My thoughts are with you and thanks for carrying the torch and keeping on playing Batman, OK?"


CHRISTIAN BALE: "OK, mate. Well, you have a great day."


GUILLOT'S DAD: "Thank you very much for calling us. We appreciate that."

FEMALE MOM: "Thank you!"

CHRISTIAN BALE: "Absolutely. Thank you guys. I'll take a look at what your dad told me, 'Zach Attack's Leukemia' ? OK, Zach?"


CHRISTIAN BALE: " OK, mate. It was a real pleasure to speak with you. Alright. Bye bye."


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