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OTRC: David Beckham talks underwear, Tom Cruise in Twitter chat for H&M (Transcript)

David Beckham chats with fans on Twitter on Feb. 6, 2013. (twitter.com/hm/status/299147870949478400)

David Beckham participated in a Twitter chat with fans on February 6 to promote his new H&M underwear ad campaign and answered the age-old question -- boxers or briefs?

The 37-year-old British soccer star, husband of Spice Girl Victoria Beckham and international sex icon said he prefers boxers. He also revealed his favorite actor -- Tom Cruise -- and reminisced about his time living and working in the United States.

Check out a partial transcript of his Twitter discussion, which took place on February 6. Beckham Tweeted on behalf of H&M.

Barney Miller (@Barnaby_M): "What's your favourite pie with your mash?"

David Beckham: "Hello @Barnaby_M From the East End there is only one pie to have...Meat Pie //Beckham."

Clare Maher (@preppymaher): What advice would you give a 20 year old you? Thanks xx."

David Beckham: "Good question @preppymaher You need dedication, belief, to work hard and have a lot of fun //Beckham."

Emma Rowles (@@Em_Rowles): "Favourite pair of boots you've ever owned? #AskBeckham :)"

David Beckham: "Hi @Em_Rowles, that would have to be my current adidas boots, they are pink which i chose because of Harper //Beckham."

Simone Goodwin (@sparkle723): "Hi David - how was it working with Guy Ritchie on the latest campaign? #AskBeckham."

David Beckham: "It was great working with someone of Guy Ritchie's calibre, not just good at what he does but a perfect gentleman."

Ben Holmes (@Ben_Holmes9): "Hi David what is your most memorable moment in an England shirt ? #AskBeckham."

David Beckham: "Good question @Ben_Holmes9 Has to be Greece but the penalty against Argentina comes close //Beckham."

Pretty Jay (@Pretty_Jay_4): "Important football related question...What is your favourite "Beckham" hairstyle? #AskBeckham."

David Beckham: "Haha @Pretty_Jay_4 The shaved head because it was nice and easy //Beckham."

Charlotte Beaumont (@Cbeaumont11): "Boxers or briefs? ;) xx

David Beckham: "Hello @Cbeaumont11 Boxers //Beckham."

Ben Renshaw (?@BenRenshaw92):"As a kid, how long would you spend kicking a ball about each day? #askbeckham."

David Beckham: "Hi @BenRenshaw92 I took a ball to school, so every break time and after school until it got dark //Beckham."

Lee Smith (@lee__smith): "Of all the amazing cities you've lived in...which is your favourite?? #AskBeckham."

David Beckham: "Good question @lee__smith I love them all in different ways but London is my home so I'll go with that one //Beckham."

Maura (@maura_loves): "If you didn't play soccer, what occupation would you have chosen? #AskBeckham."

David Beckham: "I enjoy drawing cartoons, so I'd go for an artist @maura_loves//Beckham."

Amy Campbell (@amy_campbell): "What is your favourite piece from the new line?"

David Beckham: "Hello @Amy_campbell My favourite piece would be the white boxer with the red waistband //Beckham."

Tariq Ahmed (@Tariq89): "Do you have have favourite NBA, NFL, NHL team since your time in USA?"

David Beckham: "I certainly do @Tariq89 NBA would be Lakers, NHL Kings and NFL Patriots //Beckham."

Andrea smith (?@andreasteve37): "Any more tattoos planned? And which is your favourite ? Xxxx"

David Beckham: "My favourites are the ones about my children, no new ones planned yet, have to find some space @andreasteve37 //Beckham."

Jonas Blom (@BlomHelmersen): "Who is the best player you have ever played with or against? Ronaldinho, Zidane or someone else? P.S: i'm a big fan!"

David Beckham: "Great question @BlomHelmersen The best player i have played against is Roberto Carlos, best player I've played with is Zidane //Beckham."

Laura Pow (?@mummypow): "What pants would you recommend for under my fiancees kilt at our wedding in April? lol #AskBeckham."

David Beckham: "I shouldn't be saying this as an H&M ambassador, but he shouldn't be wearing any, haha @mummypow //Beckham."

Liz Wren (?@lizwren): "Hey David, loving the new ad, did you do all your own stunts in it? ;) #AskBeckham."

David Beckham: "Yes i did pretty much all my own stunts, was good fun //Beckham."

Mark Stevens @MarkDStevens): "What is your favourite goal you've ever scored?? P.s you are my idol #fact."

David Beckham: "Favourite goal would have to be the one i scored against Wimbledon from 57 yards @MarkDStevens //Beckham."

alex daggers @AlexDaggers11): "Would u ever consider buying a football club when u retire for example Preston North End;)?"

David Beckham: "Hi @AlexDaggers11 I have the option to buy a franchise in the MLS, so yes to the MLS, sadly a no to Preston //Beckham."

lorraine mckenzie @lorriejo1981): "Whos your favourite actor/ film ? x."

David Beckham: "Favourite actor would have to be Tom Cruise, my favourite movie Ratatouille @lorriejo1981 //Beckham."

lauri ropchock @pinkcowboy ): "Do u ever see yourself living in the states again? #AskBeckham."

David Beckham: "Hi @pinkcowboy I see us spending a huge amount of time in the US in the future, I loved my time there //Beckham."

ydia cheng @lydiacheng): "Which 3 people would you invite to a dinner party?#AskBeckham."

David Beckham: "A tricky one, The Queen, Jack Nicholson and Muhammad Ali would be good @lydiacheng_ //Beckham."

Ansuya Patel @AnsuyaPatel): "Do you ever think about managing a team? which team would you like to manage?"

David Beckham: "Management is not really in my thoughts to be honest @AnsuyaPatel//Beckham."

Joseph Harake @GeraldWallace): "Seen you at lots of Lakers games so guessing you're an NBA fan. Who do you think will be the 2013 NBA Champion?#AskBeckham"

David Beckham: "I would like to say the Lakers, but if they don't reach the play-offs then I'll take Miami @GeraldWallace //Beckham."

Lindsay Judge @ lindsayjudge): "Do you regret any of your fashion experiments, and if so which ones? #AskBeckham"

David Beckham: "Hi @lindsayjudge I dont have any regrets but some come close and still make me smile //Beckham."

Check out the new photos of Beckham in the 2013 H&M campaign here and watch a short film, directed by Guy Ritchie, below.

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