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OTRC: 'Identity Thief,' 'Side Effects' reviewed by Mr. Moviefone

Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy in a scene from the 2013 film, 'Identity Thief.' (Courtesy Universal Pictures)

This week at the movies, Goose is on the loose, this time in 3D, those drugs in the medicine cabinet can have serious side effects and Jason Bateman has been robbed of his identity in "Identity Thief."

Yes, Bateman's life is turned upside down so he tracks down the woman using his identity to fund her out-of-control lifestyle. That woman is played by Melissa McCarthy. He'll stop at nothing to save his job and credit, and she'll stop at nothing to keep it from him.

The Reel Deal: With very few laughs, buy a ticket to "Identity Thief" and Melissa McCarthy has stolen your money too. I'm out.

The treatment is worse than the disease in "Side Effects." Rooney Mara plays a woman on the edge of suicide. Jude Law is the psychiatrist she turns to. But the side effects of the latest anti-depression drugs will change their lives forever. Also starring are Channing Tatum and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

The Reel Deal: From director Steven Soderbergh, it's moody, suspenseful, and with great performances from Jude Law and Rooney Mara, "Side Effects" is a killer thriller.I'm in.

And in case you've got money burning a hole in your pocket, how about one more fly-by with the digitally re-mastered "Top Gun: An IMAX 3D Experience."

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