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OTRC: 'A Good Day to Die Hard,' 'Beautiful Creatures' and 'Safe Haven' reviewed by Mr. Moviefone

Bruce Willis appears in a scene for the 2013 film, 'A Good Day to Die Hard.' (20th Century Fox)

This week at the movies, Julianne Hough gives us a valentine kiss, the Twi-hards have something to sparkle about, and according to Bruce Willis, it's "A Good Day to Die Hard."

Yes, Willis is back as cop John McClane, who travels to Russia to help his CIA agent son stop a nuclear weapons heist.

The Reel Deal: Look, I wanted this to be good too, but if you need a little movie to go along with your action, it is NOT "A Good Day to Die Hard." I'm out.

It's love versus the supernatural in "Beautiful Creatures." A teen boy and the mysterious new girl in town battle against a family curse that may seal both of their fates.

The Reel Deal: Looking to cast a spell on Twi-hards everywhere, "Beautiful Creatures" ain't great, and it isn't for everyone, but for the proactive set it'll do just fine. I'm in.

Past and present collide in "Safe Haven." Katie (played by Julianne Hough) heads to a small town for a new start, but has a hard time fitting in, that is until she meets a new man played by Josh Duhamel. But things get complicated when her ex shows up.

The Reel Deal: Duhamel and Hough try to heat up the screen but for moviegoers this is NO "Safe Haven." I'm out.

Also in theaters for the kids, a group of aliens are trying to make their "Escape from Planet Earth."

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