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OTRC: Demi Lovato reveals half-sister, keeps quiet about her love life

Demi Lovato appears in a promotional photo for her single 'Heart Attack.' The image was posted on her official Facebook page on February 12, 2013. (facebook.com/DemiLovato)

Demi Lovato revealed during a recent radio interview that she found out she had an older half-sister last year.

The 20-year-old actor and singer said she is getting to know the new addition to the family and spoke to Long Island, New York, radio station WBLI about the situation. Lovato revealed the news after being asked to share something personal that her fans might not know about her.

"I just got to know...I have an older sister that I've never known my whole life, who is in her 30s," Lovato said. "She's my half-sister but I talked to her for the very first time in my life around the time I turned 20."

Lovato turned 20 on August 20, 2012. The singer also said that her half-sibling knew they were related but never reached out.

"I asked her, I said, 'Why haven't you ever contacted me?' and she just said, 'Well, because I never wanted you to think that I wanted anything from you. So I've just kind of been waiting to see if you wanted a relationship,'" Lovato explained. "And I just thought that was so incredible."

"So yeah, I do I actually have a third sister that I didn't know until this year," she added.

Lovato has a 25-year-old older sister named Dallas Lovato and a younger half-sister named Madison De La Garza, who is an 11-year-old actress known for her role on "Desperate Housewives." Lovato does not name the new half-sibling in the interview and does not specify which parent the sister came from. The singer is estranged from her father and her parents were divorced when she was two years old.

According to an April 2012 interview with the U.K. magazine Fabulous, Lovato wrote the song "For The Love Of A Daughter" about the rift between her father and herself. She also reportedly told the magazine she does not have interest in building a relationship with him.

Lovato was also asked by the radio station about rumors that she is back with on-again-off-again boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama. However, Lovato chose to keep quiet about her relationship status.

"I just like to keep my private life and my love life and stuff like that and my friends and family and everything like that -- I like to keep it very sacred," she said. "You know, the things that I have been through in my life and some things like you just have to keep to yourself. Unfortunately, no, I would not like to comment."

Late last month, Lovato released a new single called "Heart Attack" from her upcoming untitled album.

"Never put my love out on the line/ Never said 'yes' to the right guy," Lovato sings in the song, which can be heard below. "When I don't care/ I can play 'em like a Ken doll/ Won't wash my hair/ Then make 'em bounce like a basketball."

The new untitled album, which is her fourth studio album, is a follow-up to her 2011 album "Unbroken." The new album does not have a release date or title yet. Listen to "Heart Attack" below.

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