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OTRC: 'Admission,' 'The Croods,' 'Olympus Has Fallen,' reviewed by Mr. Moviefone

Tina Fey in a scene from the 2013 film, 'Admission.' (Courtesy of Focus Features)

This week at the movies, we get to meet a new Stone Age family, we're admitted to the new Paul Rudd- Tina Fey movie, and North Korean terrorists take over the White House.

In "Olympus Has Fallen," it's up to a disgraced Secret Service agent on the inside to save the president and the nation. The film stars Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman, Aaron Eckhart, Angela Bassett and Melissa Leo.

The Reel Deal: Part "Die Hard," part Bond, part every action thriller you've ever seen. The only thing that would make this more predictable would be sending Dennis Rodman in to negotiate. I'm out

It's time to step outside the cave with "The Croods." When disaster strikes home, a prehistoric family is forced to hit the road in search of a new life. The animated film features the voices of Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds.

The Reel Deal: It's great looking and has fun, charming characters, and with nothing in theaters for families, it's time to grab the brood and see "The Croods." I'm in

Tina Fey has a hard time letting people in in "Admission." She's a by-the-book admissions officer for Princeton. But her life suddenly becomes complicated when a former college friend (played by Paul Rudd) finds her long-lost son and tries to get him in to the university.

The Reel Deal: Hopelessly lost like the character she plays, "Admission" doesn't know when to laugh and when to cry and is a big disappointment for these two very likeable stars. I'm out

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