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OTRC: 'Mad Men' season 6: Check out 3 things to expect

Jon Hamm talks to OTRC.com at the premiere of 'Mad Men' season 6 in Los Angeles on March 20, 2013.

When viewers last saw the characters of "Mad Men," Don Draper's wife Megan had finally booked her first major acting gig, a commercial. While prepping for the shoot, Don left the studio and headed to the bar where he was approached by a young blonde asking, "Are you alone?"

OTRC.com talked to the cast and creator of "Mad Men" about the show's upcoming sixth season and while many admitted they could not reveal much, they were able to drop some hints about the answer to the "are you alone" question, what might be in store for the characters this season and what kind of style we'll see on the show.

Here are three things to know about season 6 of "Mad Men."

Questions about Don cheating and Betty's weight get answered "pretty quickly"

"Mad Men" series creator, Matthew Weiner, told OTRC.com that he hopes people are watching the show this season for more than just answers to the above questions.

"That's answered pretty quickly. We got 13 episodes," he said about those two topics.

As for the "are you alone" question, Weiner said about last season's closing moments, "It was the end of the season, which was to me, the tension of that moment was like 'are you alone' isn't a question about whether or not Don's going to cheat on his wife. We've seen him do that. We saw him single, he didn't do so great. We saw him faithful for this last year, season 5, to his wife, which some people weren't even happy about."

" 'Are you alone' is a bigger question than that because it's not some big mystery if Don will or won't. I mean maybe it is but that's not really what the story is," he added. "So I wanted people to see at the end was that this man had gone through this journey of giving that thing a try, that marriage a try, and making a sacrifice for his wife, letting her have her independence, which is very forward for a man in that era."

Jon Hamm, who plays Don on the show, teased, "Where we left off last season was Don sort of walking out of the light and into the shadows and walking away from Megan and into a bar. I think that's significant."

Jessica Pare, who plays Don's wife Megan, hinted that it would be a little dangerous for her character to feel like she "has it all."

"Where we left her in season 5, she feels like she has this great man who would make this sacrifice for her to get her career going and she's like 'I have it all,' which is a very precarious place to be in," Pare told OTRC.com. "I think there's a little collar pulling for Megan at the beginning of season 6 for sure."

The characters might not be able to escape who they essentially are

Weiner hinted, "To me, in some weird way, this season is almost like -- and it's not a flashback, I don't want people to misunderstand this -- but it could almost really exist before the pilot."

During the interview, Weiner gestured toward this season's poster art, which features Don Draper walking past himself, and said, "It is almost like a place of running across yourself again."

Elisabeth Moss, who stars as Peggy Olson on the show, said about this upcoming season, "It's about people not being able to get away from their pasts, not being able to get away from who they are."

"Despite the fact that they think they've changed, finding that perhaps they haven't and maybe never will," she added.

One character is not embracing the late '60s style and "the boys look really good this year"

January Jones, who stars as Don's ex-wife Betty Francis, said that her character will be stuck in fashion from previous seasons.

"You know she's not embracing the late 60s as maybe some of the other female characters with the like mod and shorter hemlines and things," Jones told OTRC.com. "I think she's still very much trying to present herself as a politician's wife, so kind of very lady like and just more of that. More from the last season or two. Kind of the same."

Jones also talked about her character's flip-ish style hair, saying, "We're not doing a Sandra Dee very much, we usually do kind of asymmetrical, one out one in. I don't know if it has a name. Maybe 'the Betty.'"

Christina Hendricks, who stars as the sassy junior partner/office manager Joan Harris, said about her character's fashion, "I can't tell you exactly but we definitely are getting along in the 60s and fabrics are changing and colors are changing and shapes are changing a little bit, so Joan's going to take a little bit that works for her."

"The boys look really good this year. The boys look really good," she added.

The sixth season of "Mad Men" is set to premiere on Sunday, April 7 at 9 p.m. on AMC. Check out photos from the premiere here. See more interviews with other actors in the cast here.

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