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OTRC: Paris Hilton latest target in 'swatting' incident

Paris Hilton talks to OnTheRedCarpet.com about her new Oxygen reality show 'The World According To Paris' at the May 2011 premiere for the series.

Paris Hilton is the latest target of yet another celebrity "swatting" incident.

Police were called to the personality's home around 5:20 p.m. on Saturday to investigate a "hot prowl," which occurs when a burglar enters a building while occupants are still inside the location.

Upon arriving to her residence, officials from the Los Angeles Police Department only found a housekeeper and a dog, police told KABC Television, OTRC.com's parent company.

The starlet was not home at the time of the "swatting" incident. According to her Twitter account, she was at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Tweeting: "Hey @BennyBenassi, great seeing you at @UltraMusic Festival tonight! What an amazing set! #Legend."

Such false calls are often called "swatting" because it could spur the dispatching of a SWAT team. It is a misdemeanor offense, although if anyone is injured as a result of the call, it would be classified as a felony.

In February, a 12-year-old boy was charged with making a prank 911 call about a made-up dangerous situation in the home of Ashton Kutcher, which marked one of several "swatting" incidents involving celebrities over the past few months.

Los Angeles authorities say that pre-teen had on October 3 using teletype, a non-traceable online phone service used by the deaf, to report what he said was a woman hiding in a closet in the actor's house to avoid a gunman. Police arrived at the scene, surrounded the home with their guns drawn, and found no one suspicious. Kutcher was not there at the time.

The boy was arrested in December and charged by the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office on Thursday, February 7 with two felony counts of computer intrusion and making fake bomb threats, the Associated Press reported. Prosecutors also say he was responsible for another fake emergency call involving a bank. The boy's name was not released due to his age.

Other celebrities who have been targeted in separate suspected "swatting" incidents include Chris Brown, Tom Cruise and Miley Cyrus.

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