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OTRC: Heidi Klum talks about rescuing son, gets present on 'Ellen' (Video)

Heidi Klum appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" recently and opened up about saving her son from a riptide and turning 40.

Earlier this month it was reported that while Klum and her family were on vacation in Hawaii, her 7-year-old son Henry and a few adults got caught in a riptide while swimming in the sea off the coast of Oahu.

As paparazzi pictures later showed, Klum sprang into action and rescued her son as well as the adults with the help of her boyfriend and bodyguard, Martin Kirsten and Klum's father.

"We were in Hawaii two weeks ago and we had an awesome holiday and until the last day," Klum told DeGeneres during her appearance on the show, which aired on Friday. April 12. "We'd been swimming all week, everything was beautiful, beautiful weather. And on the last day, my son and three grown-ups were in the water and all of a sudden one of those riptides came and took my son and everyone into the water and they couldn't get back out and it all happened so fast and I was like 'Oh my gosh.'"

"Henry was not as much in trouble as the grown-ups were to be honest because Henry, he's a really good swimmer and he is very strong," Klum added.

Klum explained that she had a swimming instructor teach all of her kids how to swim and what to do in case of an emergency. The supermodel explained that her son told her the swimming instructor taught him to be calm in the water and to not stress out.

"And that's what I did," Klum said, quoting her son. "It took four seconds and he was out."

When DeGeneres said she had a birthday coming up, Klum joked, "Thirty...no, 40. Forty is the new 30."

"I'm happy. When I get one year older it means we're still here, having a good time," she added.

Klum said that a friend planned a hat theme party for the model's birthday with some of her friends.

"Everyone has to show up in a hat. So it's all girlfriends of mine and everyone has to wear a crazy hat," she said. "So we're all going to sit around with some great hats on, which I think is fun."

DeGeneres told Klum she had the perfect hat for her party and then presented Klum with a hate made out of a lifebuoy that said "Super Mom" across it.

"I'm going to wear this with my red new bathing suit," Klum said.

Check out Klum's appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" below.

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