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OTRC: Eddie Kaye Thomas' home scene of SWAT standoff (Video)

Eddie Kaye Thomas talks to OTRC.com at the 'American Reunion' premiere in Los Angeles in April 2012. / Eddie Kaye Thomas is seen in an aerial view near his Hollywood Hills home after a SWAT standoff against a woman who had barricaded herself inside on April 17, 2013.

Eddie Kaye Thomas, who played Finch in the R-rated "American Pie" comedy movies, found himself dealing with a dangerous, real-life action scene late on Wednesday after a knife-wielding woman barricaded herself in his Hollywood Hills home, spurring a SWAT team to rush to the property.

Actress Minnie Driver, his neighbor, live-Tweeted the incident from her home, where she heard explosions as she sat in her living room with her 4-year-old son, Henry.

The woman had spent the night and became angry after being asked to leave. She reportedly grabbed a knife and destroyed property, authorities say. A 911 call was placed and a SWAT team was deployed. She refused officer's calls to leave, after which they fired tear gas and flash bang grenades into the house, OTRC.com's parent company, KABC Television, reported.

After a standoff that lasted several hours, police entered the home and took her into custody. Thomas has not commented. He was later seen entering the house while talking on a cell phone. (Watch the video, above) The woman's name was not released. It is unclear if she was charged formally.

Minnie Driver Tweets

Minnie Driver posted on Twitter several messages about a police standoff she heard in her neighborhood, which she confirmed was the same one that had taken place at Thomas' home. Check them out below.

    6:10 p.m.: "Armed man has barricaded himself into the house just below mine. Swarming police. My dog is on high alert. #noescape."

    6:30 p.m.: "It's not an armed man, it's a disgruntled woman. Disgruntled is probably the wrong word..just had five rounds of year has explosions."

    6:31 p.m.: "Tear gas I mean s---ing iPhone !!!!"

    6:37 p.m.: User @HeatherPort2012 tells Driver, "Kind of makes the thought of living in the middle of the woods attractive, eh?" Driver replies: "Yes!!!!!!"

    6:38 p.m.: User @gollybass tells Driver, "I suggest drinking wine." Driver replies: "suggestion taken."

    6:38 p.m.: "We are all sitting on the floor in the living room. Henry has a baseball glove and I'm eyeing the wine. Feel sad for this barricaded woman.."

    6:46 p.m.: "And yes I meant glove not bat."

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