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OTRC: Michael Bay denies 'Armageddon' apology, says he's proud of the movie

Michael Bay did not apologize for "Armageddon," according to the director himself.

Bay released a statement on his official website on Tuesday, April 23, to clear up an earlier report that claimed he apologized for the 1998 movie that starred Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler.

The alleged apology stemmed from his interview with the Miami Herald for his upcoming film "Pain & Gain." During the interview, Bay is asked about his fast-paced editing style, which he has been criticized before in the past.

Bay admits he has heard the criticisms about his editing, but notes that it has "slowed down over the years." He added that his style has since been imitated in many films.

He is next quoted as saying, "I will apologize for 'Armageddon,' because we had to do the whole movie in 16 weeks. It was a massive undertaking. That was not fair to the movie."

"I would redo the entire third act if I could. But the studio literally took the movie away from us. It was terrible. My visual effects supervisor had a nervous breakdown, so I had to be in charge of that," he added. "I called James Cameron and asked 'What do you do when you're doing all the effects yourself?' But the movie did fine."

"Armageddon" eared over $201.5 million after it was released, according to BoxOfficeMojo.com. However, several critics bashed the way the film was edited.

"'Armageddon' is loud, ugly and fragmented. Action sequences are cut together at bewildering speed out of hundreds of short edits, so that we can't see for sure what's happening, or how, or why," the late Roger Ebert said in his review of the film.

According to a 1998 Los Angeles Times article on the criticism "Armageddon" received about the way it was cut, Variety critic Todd McCarthy said the film's editing was like "a machine gun stuck in the firing position for two and a half hours."

In response to his quotes featured in the Miami Herald article, Bay said on his website that "one press writer has gone too far in reporting false information. He has printed the bare minimum of my statement which in effect have twisted my words and meaning. I'm not in the slightest going to apologize for the third movie in my movie career, a film called 'Armageddon.'"

Bay wrote that he first got wind of the apology story making the rounds when he attended the red carpet premiere of "Pain & Gain" on Monday, April 22, and was asked about his alleged comments by reporters. He went on to clarify his remarks about his editing style.

"What I clearly said to the reporter, is I wish I had more time to edit the film, specifcally [sic] the the [sic] third act," Bay wrote.

The director later added, "I said, I wish we had a few more weeks in the edit room on 'Armageddon.' And still today 'Armageddon,' is still one of the most shown movies on cable TV. And yes, I'm proud of the movie. Enough said."

Bay's new movie, "Pain & Gain," stars Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and is set for release on Friday, April 26.

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