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OTRC: 'Happy Endings': 4 things we learned behind the scenes (Video)

Elisha Cuthbert and Casey Wilson talk to OTRC.com on the set of 'Happy Endings' on March 11, 2013.

The cast of "Happy Endings" was filming the last few episodes of season 3 recently when OTRC.com visited the set of the show and its fictional Chicago bar Rosalita's.

Elisha Cuthbert, who stars on the series as the dim-witted Alex Kerkovich, said that it was a bittersweet time on the show.

"Bittersweet, because it's sad that we've done another full complete season, but yet also exciting to hope to think that we're going to do another one," she said.

Many of Cuthbert's co-stars talked about the season wrapping up and dropped some hints about what kind of shenanigans the group gets into in the next few episodes. Check out the four things we learned about the last four episodes of season 3.

1. Max competes in the "Mr. Gay Gay Chicago" pageant

On the April 26 episode, titled "The Ballad of Lon Sarofky," Max (Adam Pally) decides to enter the "Mr. Gay Gay Chicago" pageant after his friends try to pressure him to get a job.

Eliza Coupe, who plays the type-A Jane Kerkovich, said Pally "killed."

"He did a great job with it of course. It's crazy. I mean it's insane," she added. "He manages to be Sonny Bono and Lady Gaga at the same."

Pally said there is a huge musical number and "it was kind of fun being a contestant in a beauty pageant because I've never been pampered or looked at like that before in my life."

Zachary Knighton, who plays Dave on the show, said Pally put on "one hell of a show."

2. The final few episodes have a fan-favorite guest stars returning.

The final four episodes of season 3 will include appearances by Ru Paul, Rob Corddry, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Michael McKean and Megan Mullally.

Knighton said he was excited to work with McKean again in the May 3 episode "Deuce Babylove 2: Electric Babydeuce." McKean plays Big Dave, the father of Knighton's character. Big Dave is actually dating Dana (played by Mullally), the mother of Penny (Casey Wilson).

"I love working with Michael McKean, who plays my dad, just because he's a legend. It's awesome that he's my dad," Knighton said. He later teased, "There's a little bit of a baby caper in that episode."

Corddry returns to the show to play the Car Czar, who has a torrid affair with one of the ladies in the group and in the April 26 episode, " Un-sabotagable," Gosselaar reprises his role as Chase, Max's ex-roommate who tries to exact revenge on Max after Max' ruined Chase's life.

3. There is a "mammal to mammal confrontation."

There's another storyline in Gosselaar's episode that Knighton teased to OTRC.com while talking on the set. Dave gets sick of Alex's obsession with Groupons and forces her to use them up before she can buy another one to swim with dolphins.

"Dave is sick and tired of her buying Groupons that they never use," Knighton said. "She likes to spend money, I don't know where she gets her money because nobody goes to the store that she owns, but you know, she has a timeshare in Tampa and all this other stuff."

"Dave tells her that she's got to get rid of her Groupon before she can get her next Groupon, which is a swim with the dolphins Groupon," he added. "Dave's pretty terrified of dolphins and so he makes the bet if she uses all the Groupon then he'll do it."

"I will say there is a mammal to mammal confrontation," he teased.

4. The other Kerkovich sister comes for a visit and throws Jane off her game.

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" actress Stephanie March appears on the May 3 episode of the show as the third Kerkovich sister anmed Brooke. Brooke enlists her little sister Jane to help plan her wedding but her appearance throws Jane off her game, something both Coupe and Damon Wayans Jr. (who plays Jane's husband Brad) seemed excited about.

"She is out-Jane-ing Jane. We're shooting and she is amazing," Wayans said. "She is like type-A plus. Yeah, she's crazy and she just makes Jane feel, you know, so inferior and it's always good to see Jane kind of off her kilter."

Coupe said, "She trumps me. She's more Jane than Jane. She out-Janes me and then I don't really know ... I kind of unravel and Alex basically just turns into a child."

"Happy Endings" airs Fridays at 8 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. ET on ABC.

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