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OTRC: Kaley Cuoco explains the hairdo that 'almost ruined my career' (Video)

Kaley Cuoco used her appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on Thursday, April 25, to explain her hairdo at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. The actress claimed the hairstyle "almost ruined my career."

According to "The Big Bang Theory" star, a week before the ceremony, she and co-star Johnny Galecki had planned to pull a prank on the cast and crew of the sitcom for the show's gag reel. The two actors were rehearsing a scene of the show's Valentine's Day episode where their characters were supposed to be fighting.

Galecki was supposed to throw a fake punch but instead landed the blow and when Cuoco stood up, she was bleeding.

"They thought I had gone under [the table] and sprayed blood on my face," Cuoco said. "I had cracked my head open and I had blood squirting down my face. I didn't even know!"

Cuoco revealed that she ended up needing six stitches for the injury and had a black eye. The 27-year-old actress then came up with a plan to cover up her injury with fake bangs -- something her stylists had advised against. She can be seen with the bangs at the SAG Awards in the photo above on the right.

"I wanted to wear them [the bangs] because it covered my eye and I was really insecure about this huge black eye," she said. "So I wore these bangs to the SAG Awards and these bangs, who I've named Bev, Bev the bangs, almost ruined my entire career."

"It was honestly the worst-reviewed hair in history," Cuoco said. The actress then went on to read criticism of her hairstyle to the audience. Cuoco brought the bangs to Kimmel to help her destroy them.

Check out Cuoco's interview with Jimmy Kimmel Live below and vote on what you thought of her look.

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