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OTRC: 'Arrested Development': 4 details we learned at the premiere (Video)

Portia De Rossi talked to OTRC.com at the premiere of 'Arrested Development' on April 29, 2013.

"Arrested Development" is set to return with new episodes on May 26, to the delight of many die-hard fans who have missed the show since it went off the air after three seasons in 2006. When the show returns, it will launch with 15 episodes all debuting at one time on Netflix.

OTRC.com correspondent Jonathan Novack was at the premiere of the show's fourth season earlier this week where he caught up with the cast, a few guest stars and learned a few things about the new episodes.

Check out four details we learned at the premiere below.

1. OTRC.com got a little scoop on two characters that guest stars Terry Crews and Mary Lynn Rajskub play

The original run of "Arrested Development" featured a slew of guest stars like Liza Minnelli, Charlize Theron and Ben Stiller. The new season is no different and stars like Kristen Wiig, Seth Rogen, John Krasinski all have guest roles on the show, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Little is known about what roles these actors will play, but OTRC.com learned about the characters "24" actress Mary Lynn Rajskub and "The Newsroom" actor Terry Crews play on the show.

"I'm Jeffrey Tambor's assistant, character's assistant," Rajskub said, referring to Tambor's character George Bluth Sr. "I play Heartfire and I only speak from the heart, so I don't need words."

"Maybe my favorite character I've ever played," she added. "Because every time I said a line, he [Tambor] would have to know what I was saying and react to it and I would just be feeling with my heart."

As for Crews, while he tried to remain tight-lipped about his character, he did reveal to OTRC.com, "I play a guy named Herbert Love who's a politician. And that's all I'm gonna say."

2. Portia de Rossi gives an update on what won't be happening to Michael and Lindsay's relationship update

First a little background. Michael Bluth (played by Jason Bateman) and Lindsay Bluth Funke (played by de Rossi) are brother and sister on the show. They (as well as the viewing audience) were told they were twins, but it was later revealed that Lindsay was adopted and she was also three years older than Michael.

In the season 3 finale of "Arrested Development," Lindsay tried to seduce Michael after she learned about her adoption but Michael turned her down saying, "I'm sorry, I'm just not that into older women."

So, does Lindsay and Michael's relationship take a romantic turn in the new episodes?

"You know, I think this whole show has this incestuous weird stuff going on in it, but I am happy to say that no, it does not," De Rossi said.

The actress later added, "There's plenty of crazy [in the show]. Yeah, it's very similar to what it was, but a little bit looser than what it was on Fox."

The show has a few questionable situations involving around Lindsay's daughter Maeby (Alia Shawkat), who kissed Michael's son, George Michael (Michael Cera). At the time, the two believed they were cousins and felt awkward about their encounters. Maeby also kissed a high school senior named Steve Holt, who turned out to be the illegitimate son of her uncle, George Oscar Bluth II (Will Arnett), otherwise known as Gob.

3. Creator Mitchell Hurwitz has a 'massive puzzle' for how the episodes play out

One recurring comment from many of the actors on the red carpet was about how elaborate the overall story arcs for the show's new episodes are.

During a Television Critics Association panel in January, Hurwitz revealed that the new episodes will have a different structure, with each episode focusing on different character's point of view, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Entertainment Weekly reported in April that the episodes are intended to work as sort of a first act of a film, which is in the works. Certain jokes are set up in one episode, only to really come together in another.

"The scripts are crazy, crazier than ever, and they intersect with like flashfowards and flashbacks from each character's point of view," Rajskub told OTRC.com at the premiere.

Tony Hale, who played Buster Bluth on the show, said, "It was very difficult to get everybody together at once but the way he [Hurwitz] did it, each character has one episode, so he could kind of bring us in and out."

"Mitch has just got this massive puzzle in his head, a comic matrix," Hale added. "I'm very eager to see how it plays out because I have no clue what's going on. So he's just this comic genius that he's going to fit it all together. It's pretty cool."

David Cross, who plays Lindsay's quirky husband Tobias Funke, described the writers' room to Entertainment Weekly saying, "Post-it notes and index cards all across the three walls in this big conference room. Yarn stretching from one thing to another and pinned in one place, and then a sharp angular uptick to the Lucille character and down."

"And then there's a different-colored yarn that intersects and weaves in," he added. "It took him 25 minutes to explain what I was looking at. And I still didn't get everything."

4. It was really easy for the cast to tap back into their crazy characters

Arnett said, "It took about 15 minutes" for everyone to get back into the grove of the characters.

Mae Whitman, who played Cera's love interest on the show said, "I mean it was almost immediate. Once we got back and we were all around each other and stuff, but like it definitely was just a real jolt at first."

"You're like in your old weird wardrobe and everybody is talking the way they used to," she added. "I mean I think I was most excited to see Tony, who plays Buster, just like, I haven't seen that character and he's so different than that in real life."

Whitman also did a little impression of Buster at the 1:13 minute mark in our interview. Check it out here.

"It was like a time warp being all together again," Hale said. "It was exciting but nerve wracking too because after seven years, there's a lot of expectation. But once I heard that Lucille's (my mother's) voice like abusive voice towards Buster, it just clicked right in. It was like riding a bike again."

All 15 episodes of "Arrested Development" debut on Netflix on May 26. In the meantime, check out an outtake from the show's upcoming season below.

Reporting by Jonathan Novack, correspondent for KABC Television's entertainment show "On The Red Carpet" (check for local TV listings).

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