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OTRC: 'Revenge' season 2 finale - 5 spoilers from Gabriel Mann (Exclusive)

Gabriel Mann, who plays Nolan Ross on ABC's 'Revenge,' talks to OTRC.com about the show's season 2 finale and other topics. (Spring 2013 interview)

Say it ain't so, Nolan.

Gabriel Mann, who plays Nolan Ross on "Revenge," shared with OTRC.com correspondent Tony Cabrera some juicy -- and potentially heartbreaking -- spoilers about the upcoming season 2 finale of the ABC show, which airs on May 12 -- the 27th birthday of star Emily VanCamp.

Mann, who celebrates his 41st birthday two days later, also discussed the departure of showrunner Mike Kelly and what he hopes will happen on season 3, if there is one. (Note: The interview was carried out in late April 2013 at KABC Television studios, home of OTRC.com and TV show "On The Red Carpet." On May 10, it was announced ABC has renewed "Revenge" for season 3.)

Check out 5 spoilers about the season 2 finale of "Revenge" from Gabriel Mann:

1. The finale will feature a catastrophic event and one main star will exit stage left (or right)

"There is a huge event that happens in the finale," Mann told OTRC.com. "We lose one of our central characters. I can't say who. It might be me."

2. A mystery will be solved that sets the stage for a third season.

"Something goes down that explains a mystery that we had been toying with for definitely through this past season," Mann told OTRC.com.

"There's so many events that go on," he added. "There is another event that goes down that sort of deals with questions that I think viewers and fans have been having since our first episode actually, at this point, and will set up a very interesting series of events and questions for a potential season 3. It could actually change the course of the whole show at this point."

3. One character will prove to be "Anti Christ"-level evil

"What happens in this final episode takes one of our characters and ... now I don't think I'm understating when I say that it sort of post them on a level of an Anti Christ, sort of a Damien-in-'The-Omen' kind of situation," Mann said.

"It's big. It's really big. It's hardcore. Okay, that's a really strong word but when you see how this goes down, you'll understand what I'm saying. Yeah it bumps it up about 100 more notches," he said, adding: "I'm not saying it's not Victoria at this point either. But it definitely bumps the levels of evil up into a whole other stratosphere.

4. Victoria and Nolan will spend more quality time together.

"Look, we are both very cagey characters," Mann told OTRC.com. "As one would imagine, if you mix those two up in a pot, some kind of very interesting-tasting stew is going to come out of it. Yes, it will bear fruitful relationship. Whether the fruit has turned bad or it is served up on a silver platter, I will let you guys wait and see."

5. The season 2 finale of "Revenge" will be more "final" than season 1's.

"This is a little bit more final. It doesn't necessarily leave a question mark. I think it leaves either an exclamation point or a period or a trail of tears. I don't know. Maybe all of the above," Mann told OTRC.com. "It's interesting -- you know on a show like this that there's the possibility of very bad things happening to really any of our characters at any point but it doesn't' make it any easier when it actually happens."

Gabriel Mann discusses Mike Kelley's departure

It was announced in April that "Revenge" creator and writer Mike Kelley left the ABC show. Deadline said on May 3 that current executive producer Sunil Nayar will take over the job in season 3. The network has not confirmed the news or announced its plans regarding the show.

"Speaking of our Big Papa, the father of 'Revenge,' really, yeah, there's some big changes that happened toward the end of this year and I think it's something that as a cast, we're still processing," Mann told OTRC.com. "I mean it happened fairly recently so we haven't really had a chance to regroup and get together and kind of just sort of have a therapy session about it and sort of figure out where everybody stands."

Mann said Kelly will remain a consultant for the show.

What Gabriel Mann wants to happen in season 3...

"If I were to get my wish in season 3, I think we would be having lots of fun and taking our clothes off," he told OTRC.com. "So everyone's been pre-warned -- it's time to hit the gym, because the clothes are coming off in season 3."

Reporting by Tony Cabrera, correspondent for the KABC Television entertainment show "On The Red Carpet" (check for local TV listings).

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