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OTRC: Kerry Washington, Craig Robinson talk 'Peeples' hijinks (Q&A)

Kerry Washington, known for her role in ABC's "Scandal" and "The Office" actor Craig Robinson get into all sorts of hijinks in the new comedy film "Peeples" and apparently, the fun continued when the cameras stopped rolling.

In the movie, which was released on May 10, Washington plays Grace Peeples and Robinson plays her boyfriend Wade Walker, who crashes her family reunion in the Hamptons in order to propose to her. The film also stars David Alan Grier and Diahann Carroll and was directed and written by Tina Gordon Chism.

Check out the interview with Kerry Washington and Craig Robinson.

So I just heard a story across the hall that there was so much shenanigans and fun going on that at one point they locked the keys on the piano?

KW: "They did. They did."

CR: "Yeah they silenced it."

KW: "We weren't getting any work done."

CR: "We were, like, continuing singing and playing around. I mean not long.."

KW: "Long enough that the crew wanted to go home. Although sometimes they were singing too. But I think the producers who were in charge of financing the film and getting it done on time decided that the piano had to be on lockdown. That's OK - we took buckets and made drums. So what?"

CR: "It didn't matter -- we still had our voices."

Is it fun for you to get to step away from Olivia for just a little bit and actually smile and be silly?

KW: "Yeah, I love that this movie .. this year has been so serious with 'Django' and 'Scandal' and I love those roles and those opportunities but it's great, especially right now, with what's been going on in the world, it's so great that this movie gives people a chance to laugh and smile and feel good about life, and about love and family and Craig Robinson."

And this role could not have been written for anybody better than you because didn't you start as a teacher-musician before there was comedy?

CR: "Yeah, I taught in Chicago and Indiana. I taught kindergarten through 8th grade - music. So to be a music therapist kind of counselor with a 'K' for kids."

Are you used to being around people like him and David though that can be so improv-ready? Did you crack up a lot?

KW: "I did. We never stop laughing. I come from the theatre originally so I love improve and I'd actually been doing a play on Broadway - a serious drama, with David, for almost a year and backstage it was nonstop laughter, so when this movie came along, I had a feeling he'd be the right guy."

Who is the one that cracked everyone up the most and who broke the most?

KW: "David cracks everybody up."

CR: "He's nonstop. He's out to get you."

KW: "Yeah. He wants to crack you, all the time."

CR: "I don't know who broke the most."

KW: "Maybe Tina."

CR: "Oh yeah, Tina would break."

KW: "You broke."

Tyler Perry's name on this sprinkles a little magic on it for everybody too.

KW: "Yeah, it's so great because it's such a good example of how he's using his success. Tina wrote the film, Tina directed the film but Tyler stepped in, not just with financing but to kind of bless the film and put his name behind it and champion new filmmakers. So it's just such a great example of how he's using his power for good."

Diahann Carroll...

KW: (Shouts) "Come on! Diahann Carroll, ladies and gentlemen. Ladies and gentlemen, Diahann Carroll! If there's one reason you need to see the movie, it's Diahann Carroll. Gimme a break."

Reporting by Cari Skillman of KABC Television, which produces the entertainment show "On The Red Carpet" (check for local TV listings).

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