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OTRC: Kellie Pickler, Derek talk 'DWTS' finale Freestyle (Video)

'Dancing With The Stars' contestants Kellie Pickler and Derek Hough talk to OTRC.com after season 16's tenth week of performances on May 20, 2013.

Kellie Pickler and Derek Hough wowed the "Dancing With The Stars" crowd and left judge Carrie Ann Inaba in tears on Monday, May 21, after their emotional Freestyle.

OTRC.com caught up with Pickler and Hough on Monday after their performances and Hough said that even if the two don't win the coveted Mirror Ball Trophy, the experience of working with Pickler during the season was enough of a reward.

Check out OTRC.com's interview with Kellie Pickler and Derek Hough after Monday's "Dancing With The Stars" episode.

You showed us that move [from the Freestyle] on Friday and it paid off for you in spades and you got the most reaction from our press room. Tell me if it felt right.

Kellie Pickler: "I don't think it could have felt any better."

Derek Hough: "No."

KP: "It was amazing."

DH: "You know, it was one of those feelings where, you know, I've done the show for 11 seasons now and -- there's only a handful of those moments and it was pretty extraordinary to be aware that I was in one of those moments and how proud I was of her and there's so much that could have gone wrong in the routine."

KP: "Woo, yeah."

DH: "You know, we were nervous about it but we knew that the chance was worth taking. I looked over and I saw my mom balling her eyes out behind the judges and she was hugging Carrie Ann and I'm sitting there going, 'Don't cry, Derek, don't cry.' It was a very, very, very good moment."

Win or lose, what do you think you've accomplished here?

KP: "Oh my gosh, I think I've accomplished a lot, just to make it this far and I've learned how to dance a little bit and I've made amazing friends. It's just -- I think that's the greatest thing that I'm going to take from the show, just the relationships that I've built being here. You know, the people are great and, you know, it's so important that you have great company and these are great people."

You look at the scores now, 65 for Zendaya, 64 for you, that's a fraction of a percentage, which basically means it's all to the viewer.

KP: "It's all up to the voters!"

DH: "It is, it is. We got to start Tweeting like crazy."

KP: "I know, we got to. We got to go call and vote for ourselves."

ABC announced that they have said no ABC.com voting at all. They've taken off all of it because there was a problem. So now it's text, call, and Facebook and in some parts of the country because of the tornado, those cell towers don't exist.

DH: "You know, honestly, like after we did the routine, it was almost like a load was taken off. Not only because we've been working so hard about it but also because it's one of those where whatever happens tomorrow we're just going to be like, 'man, awesome!' because we couldn't have done any more and it was such a special moment and the crowd's reaction, the judges' reaction, just the way it felt between us and one of those things we'll always cherish, no matter what, win or lose."

Check out a rundown of last night's performances, including clips of Pickler and Hough's Freestyle below.

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