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OTRC: Beyonce talks 'Epic' animated movie, playing Queen Tara (Videos)

Beyonce appears as Queen Tara in the 2013 animated film 'Epic.' / Beyonce talks about 'Epic.' (Twentieth Century Fox Animation)

Queen Bey is queen of the forest in the new 3D animated film "Epic," a movie she says lives up to its title.

Beyonce joins a star-studded cast that includes the likes of Amanda Seyfried, Colin Farrell, Josh Hutcherson, Steven Tyler, Pitbull, Jason Sudeikis, Chris O'Dowd and Christoph Waltz.

Seyfried plays Mary Katherine, aka M.K., a human girl who becomes magically shrunken to the size of an insect and then teams up with a crew of wacky creatures called the Leafmen to help save the forest from the evil Boggans, led by Mandrake, played by Waltz. "Epic" was released on Friday, May 24.

"This is the one time where the film lives up to its title," Beyonce said in an interview provided by Twentieth Century Fox Animation. "It's about a massive battle between good and evil set against a huge landscape that you've never seen before on film. Everything in this movie is big -- the action, the stakes, the characters but at the same time they're all very relatable."

In addition to playing Queen Tara, Beyonce also contributed a song, "Rise Up," to the soundtrack, which was composed by Danny Elfman.

Check out 3 things Beyonce had to say about her "Epic" experience and character, as told in an interview provided by Twentieth Century Fox Animation.

    1. She identifies with Queen Tara.

    "I like to think that we are both strong women and we're strong but we still see the fun side of life," Beyonce said. "What I like most about Tara is that she sets such a great example for the people she protects and she is a role model for the younger ones."

    2. Queen Tara WAS based on Queen Bey.

    "The animators based much of their work on footage of us recording our lines so my facial expressions and body language have been a part of Tara," Beyonce said. "It's strange and exciting to see the process, to see Tara come to life. The first time I heard my voice and saw Tara, it was surreal. It's been something I've always wanted to be a part of so I'm really excited in the detail. And the detail in the animation is incredible."

    3. Beyonce "felt like a kid" recording her "Epic" lines.

    "Voicing an animated character is very different from working with a live actor because you don't have anyone to play off of but it's really liberating," she said. "I was able to adjust and use my imagination."

    "I felt like a kid when I was recording my lines," she added. "Chris would read opposite me and I'd get a chance to try my lines different ways, several different ways, and work out the emotion that Queen Tara is feeling in that movie."

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