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OTRC: Pitbull, aka Armando Perez, talks 'Epic' (Q&A, Video)

Pitbull, aka Armando Perez, talked about his animated adventure film 'Epic' to OTRC.com in May 2013.

Pitbull, also known as Armando Perez, says he felt like he "was 5 or 6 years old again" when he saw his character come to life in "Epic."

The "Don't Stop the Party" singer, 32, plays Bufo in the animated adventure film, which was released on May 24. The rapper, songwriter and producer opened up to OTRC.com about his character's unique role, as well as the film's star-studded cast.

The movie, which is based on a children's book, follows a teenager who finds herself transported to a deep forest setting where a battle between the forces of good and the forces of evil is taking place. She bands together with a rag-tag group characters in order to save their world -- and ours.

Pitbull provides the voice of Bufo, a toad. The film also features the voices of Colin Farrell, Amanda Seyfried, Josh Hutcherson, Steven Tyler, Beyonce, Aziz Ansari and more.

Check out what else the performer had to say about the adventure film as well as his future plans in Hollywood.

You're behind the microphone all the time in one form -- doing this though, stepping behind and doing line after line, was that just a whole new world?

"It's definitely a whole new world. It wasn't frustrating and it wasn't difficult -- it was actually a lot of fun. You know, especially for someone who is able to ... as they're feeding you the lines, I would just tell them, 'Look, how do you think I should say it?' And as they're feeding you the lines, I love the fact that they can actually see it already on the animation, before it's even done up. So they're already envisioning that."

"When I'd finally seen the voice with the Bufo character, in the movie 'Epic,' I felt like I was 5 or 6 years old again."

Do you see a little of you in Bufo?

"Oh, absolutely. I see a lot of me in Bufo. And I don't think they scripted it that way at first. But, as they got to know me in the studio -- my hand gestures, the way I move, you know, my facial gestures, also -- they definitely molded it a lot around Armando Perez, I think."

Did it spark something where you're like, 'Okay, I want to do more movies'?

"Well, I mean, it's always been a part of the plan, a part of the goals. As far as getting involved in movies, in Hollywood, and TV shows across the board -- 'Epic' being possibly the first franchise that we're going to be involved with -- is definitely, I would say, a good way to start. And with the amazing characters in the movie, which I did not know were going to be in when we first started with this project, to be in it with Beyonce Knowles, Steven Tyler, Colin Farrell -- it's a blessing, and a great platform to learn."

On the music side of things, you have a single out with Jennifer Lopez. You've done duets and collaborations before -- there is something about that I guess you like.

"I mean with Jennifer, this is actually her single, a record called 'Live It Up' -- I think it's another global dominance record. To work with her is always a pleasure. To learn from her -- she's a very hard worker, very dilligent."

"What better than to sit with Jennifer Lopez at a video shoot, or so 'American Idol' with her -- being in the studio with her -- cause not only is she very professional -- she's gorgeous. You know, she's not hard to look at."

And you're going to be doing "Dancing With The Stars"? (Note: This interview was conducted prior to the show's May 21 finale)

"Yes, we'll both be doing 'Dancing With The Stars.'"

That's like another whole audience to introduce your music to.

"Oh man, 'Dancing With The Stars' is always a lot of fun. It shows you how powerful music is. How it can create confidence -- it can create a whole nother human being as soon as you find a way to dance and really enjoy music. So, I love to see 'Dancing With The Stars' as far as with how people start, how they finish ... and the good thing is we're a part of the finale -- so, get ready."

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