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OTRC: Selena Gomez reveals album name during fan live chat: 5 facts

Selena Homez appears during a live fan chat on YouTube on June 3, 2013. / The album cover of her newest album 'Stars Dance.' (youtube.com/user/SelGomez / Hollywood Records)

Selena Gomez had a big reveal on Monday, June 3, during her live chat with fans. The singer and actress revealed her album cover, name and the album release date.

The singer solicited questions from her fans on Twitter using the #askselena hashtag and then answered the questions during a YouTube live chat. Video from the live chat can be viewed below.

Gomez's new album will be called "Stars Dance." The album cover can be seen in the photo above and the name is also used for one of the tracks on the record. The 20-year-old explained the name of her album during the live chat.

"The reason I decided to name it that was -- I worked with a producing team called Rock Mafia that some of you may know, and they basically grown up with me through all of the records and music that I've made," she explained.

She added, "They've watched me grow up, experience life, fall in love and make, you know, make new friends and so they know me. The song specifically is made for me. I think it describes me pretty well and so I named the album that as well."

In the opening moments of the live chat, Gomez also revealed that "Come & Get It," her lead single from "Stars Dance," has gone platinum in the United States and Canada.

Gomez's album goes on sale on July 23, the day after her 21st birthday. Her North American tour kicks off on August 14 in Vancouver, BC.

Check out 5 facts Gomez revealed about "Stars Dance" and the recording process below.

1. Selena calls the album "Therapeutic."

@FullSelena asked: "If you could describe your album in one word, what would you use?"

"I would probably say 'Therapeutic' or 'Confidence.' Those are two different meanings to me personally and I gave you two and you asked for one, so I'm sorry but I'm in a really -- I'm in a good place and I think this album reflects that completely for me."

2. The song "Forget Forever" off her new album has a lot of meaning to the singer.

@DrewSymphony asked: "What is your favorite love song on the new album and why? "

"Well, there's a song on the album called, 'Forget Forever,' umm maybe some of you have heard it but it's a really beautiful song. It has meaning behind it and it was a really special time in the studio. I got to be with the writers and just enjoy being in that moment."

"That was a really fun, emotional song for me to sing but then I just kind of wanted to dance after I released it because it felt like I got to release this feeling that I had. It's a beautiful song. It's going to be one of my anthems that I can't wait to perform on tour. So, that's going to be awesome."

3. Gomez had more creative control over "Stars Dance."

Another Twitter user asked: "How different is this new album to the old ones?"

"I feel like the last -- the last couple of records I did were a little bit more processed. Not in a negative way. I was doing my show 'Wizards,' I was doing movies and then I would go do state fairs and small shows on the weekends, so I never really had time to go in the studio and actually live with the music and live with the production and live with the lyrics and experience that."

"I would record about 11 tracks and then that would be my album and I loved all of the other records but with this one, the show had ended. I took a year off and then I got to take about six months really to call each of the producers myself, have like hour conversations with them about where I'm at, what I want to sing, even from production-wise what I want my fans to feel because overall, music is a feeling and I physically want you guys to feel the song."

"I play my music for my friends and for my family. If they're not moving or if they're not kind of vibing it, I don't like that. So I immediately just -- I don't want to respond to that."

"So it was really -- I had more creative control over this record. I really did. It was fun for me to go in and spend hours and hours just working with people, trying different hooks and melodies and harmonies and I learned a lot too because you know, it's not necessarily something that I'm too familiar with because I've been balancing both acting and singing for a while so, I mean, that was fun."

4. She loved her time in the studio because she could wear sweat pants.

Another Twitter user asked: "How was it recording in the studio?"

"It was fun. It was actually really fun for me to go in and have those moments and, like I said before, going in and getting to know the producers and writers and just being able to be in that environment was really fun because I didn't have to care what I looked like, which was cool because my job requires a lot of [points to her face and hair] this and I like to wear like ponytails and sweatpants a lot and then I could just be myself and just relax. So that's cool.

5. She's waiting to hear back from her fans about one certain track.

Another Twitter fan asked: "What song are you most excited for your fans to hear?"

"I think the immediate one will probably be 'Love Will Remember.' I think that's the one they're going to want to listen to first. But, what I want you to enjoy first is 'Birthday.' Just because I'm interested to see your reaction to that one because it is really, really fun actually."

Check out video from Gomez's live chat below.

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