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OTRC: Bruce Jenner slams Jimmy Fallon over plastic surgery jokes (Video)

Bruce Jenner appeared on 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' on June 4. (NBC / 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon')

Bruce Jenner brought the laughs in his recent interview with Jimmy Fallon.

The 63-year-old reality personality appeared on the June 4 episode of "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon," confronting the talk show host over his previous plastic surgery remarks.

Fallon made jokes about Jenner's facelift during the 2012 Olympic Games, leading to an awkward run-in between the two personalities. While the comments were made years ago, the former Olympian started off the interview by commenting that the late night host never sent him an apology -- and it only gets worse from there.

"I just want to thank you for having me finally be on the show, and that I appreciate being on the show," Jenner explained in the interview. "And now, can I rip you apart?"

"Where do we start, to try to mend this relationship?" Jenner continued, leading Fallon to quip, "I haven't said a word yet."

After discussing how not only Fallon, but all late night talk show hosts seem to enjoy making "face jokes," he goes on to attempt to get even with the comedian -- by bringing in some embarrasing pictures.

The "Saturday Night Live" alum seemed amused, hysterically cracking up as each dated photo of himself was presented. After the round of pictures were presented, Jenner joked, "two can play that game."

"Bruce Jenner really made me S Q U I R M tonight," Fallon Tweeted following the interview. "Phew!! I think we put aside our differences. #LateNight"

The interview continues with Fallon -- who will soon be taking Jay Leno's late night time slot -- continually apologizing for his earlier remarks, as well as Jenner calling himself "invincible" because he's from the "Kardashian group."

In the end? The pair seemed to put their differences aside, with Jenner commenting: "I think we've bonded."

"Oh, we've bonded," Fallon said. "You basically manhandled me the whole interview, so yeah, if you call that bonding, then yeah, we've bonded."

Watch Jenner's late-night appearance with Fallon below. Do you think the interview was funny, or just plain awkward? Vote!

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