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OTRC: Henry Cavill talks 'Man of Steel,' Superman doll: 3 highlights (Video)

Henry Cavill talks to OTRC.com about the movie 'Man of Steel,' in which he plays Clark Kent / Superman, in a June 2013 interview.

For Henry Cavill, there was something particularly special -- and appetizing -- about his Superman costume for "Man of Steel." Because it was made with love.

The 30-year-old British actor, who rose to fame in the United States as a star of the show "The Tudors," talked to OTRC.com about playing Clark Kent, aka Kal-El, aka Superman in the newest installment of the DC comics superhero. "Man of Steel" is set for release on June 14. Check out 3 highlights from his interview.

1. Putting on the Superman suit for the first time was like getting a delicious meal.

"There's something very special about this costume, OK?" Cavill told OTRC.com. "Once it was all finally put together and they said, 'This is the finished product. This is the suit. This is the final thing.' I put it on and I turned around and looked in the mirror. And there's something truly special about it. There's a genuine physical energy, almost visual energy, which it has."

"I'd like to liken it to when someone cooks you a delicious meal and you can taste the love in it," he added. "It may be all the same ingredients but there's something different about it because someone genuinely cared while creating this thing for you."

2. Will Henry Cavill star in a "Man of Steel" sequel?

The film's distributor, Warner Bros. Pictures, has not made any official announcements regarding possible sequels to the film. Deadline reported on June 10 that screenwriter David S. Goyer signed a "huge 3-picture deal" with the company to pen scripts for "Men of Steel," a follow-up film and the ensemble superhero flick "Justice League," adding that Zack Snyder is set to reprise his role as director.

Cavill told OTRC.com he is "100 percent committed" to any character he plays.

"I don't know whether this is going to be anything more than one movie. We'll see. Time will tell. I'm not privy to that conversation," he said, adding: "So, in time, hopefully, there are many, many more to come and I would love to continue telling the story."

3. Having a doll made in your likeness? Awesome.

"You know, it's fun. It's awesome," Cavill said, when presented with an action figure made in his character's likeness. "It's great to sort of look at this and go, 'OK, there's a doll or a toy of me,' but more importantly, above all else, it makes Christmas and birthdays for my nephews a lot easier. Considerably easier. For years to come."

Reporting by George Pennacchio of KABC Television, which produces the entertainment show "On The Red Carpet" (check for local TV listings).

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