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OTRC: Rachael Leigh Cook talks hiding her baby bump on 'Perception' (Video)

Rachael Leigh Cook talked to OTRC.com about the next season of TNT's drama series, 'Perception.'

Rachael Leigh Cook, who stars on TNT's drama series "Perception," opened up about the second season of the hit show -- also dishing on how she hides her growing baby bump during filming.

The 33-year-old actress talked about her character's role on the upcoming season of the mystery show, which is set to premiere on Tuesday, June 25 at 10/9 CT. While her on-screen transformation has been immense, she's also faced some changes in her personal life -- seeing as she's expecting her first child with Daniel Gillies.

The "She's All That" star talked to OTRC's Jacob Burch about the tough task of hiding her growing belly, saying that they're pulling out "all the TV cliches."

"We're carrying a folio," Cook explained to OTRC about hiding her "little passenger." "We sometimes carry our father's suitcase -- my character's father's suitcase -- I carry down the suitcase while he's carrying nothing. He's like a linebacker, and I'm [the one] walking around with it, it was so foolish."

"We stand behind tall chairs, we lean over desks in a pensive way, we do whatever we have to do," she said.

The star plays special agent Kate Moretti on the hit mystery show that follows Dr. Daniel Pierce -- an eccentric neuroscientist -- who uses his unique outlook to help the federal government solve complex criminal cases.

Eric McCormack, who plays Dr. Pierce in the series, explained how the star's pregnancy has impacted the show, citing his experience with a pregnant co-star on the hit comedy series "Will and Grace."

"It happens on so many shows -- I mean we did it on 'Will and Grace,' hiding Debra behind the couch, or not getting her off the couch," McCormack told OTRC about his then co-star, Debra Messing, who played the title role in the popular 1990s series.

"It's actually harder in sitcom, because there are no close-ups," he explained of the process. "We're finding ways to get Rachael behind filing cabinets ... but, I'm really excited for her. Really happy for her."

The show, which will feature 14 episodes in its upcoming season, is also welcoming a new character -- Cook's character's ex-husband, played by Scott Wolf. Along with expressing his excitement about joining the show's cast, Wolf talked about Cook's professionalism while on set -- and again, how they hid that baby bump.

"Every effort has been made to try to conceal it," he said of his pregnant co-star's belly. "It's not a story point, so she's (Kate Moretti) not supposed to be pregnant, and Rachael Cook is in fact, and so there has kind of been a series of things while walking into scenes. You know, it started with probably like, a pencil holder, or a file, and as the pregnancy has gone on, it's evolved to carrying like big giant file boxes into scenes and stuff."

"She's a beautiful person, and on a personal level I'm really happy for her and her husband -- it's a magical moment and time in their lives -- and from a professional standpoint, the fact that she's come to work and it's just not been an issue is remarkable," he explained. "The fact that she's been able to come do her job so beautifully while she's going through this physical situation and being pregnant is pretty remarkable."

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