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OTRC: Maggie Gyllenhaal talks charming 'White House Down' co-stars (Video)

Maggie Gyllenhaal talked about her 2013 action film, 'White House Down,' which also stars Channing Tatum. Check it out! (Columbia Pictures)

Maggie Gyllenhaal talked about her new film -- "White House Down" -- and her two charming co-stars.

The actress, 35, appears in the high-action thriller alongside Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum. On the Wednesday, June 26 episode of "Watch What Happens Live," she gushed about her alluring co-stars -- even choosing which actor is her "favorite."

"They are the kind of guys that ... you know some men, who make every woman in the room feel like you're the sexiest person there ever was?" she said of Tatum and Foxx on the Bravo show. "Like, you walk in, no matter what you're wearing, they're like ... you could be having a terrible day and all of a sudden you're like, 'oh my.' That's what both of them are like."

"I really liked Channing -- I thought he was sexy and adorable and great," she continued with a smile. "But Jamie is my favorite."

Her new film, "White House Down," sees the actress playing Secret Service agent Carol Finnerty. Foxx plays President James Sawyer, while Tatum plays a capitol policeman who was just denied his dream job with the Secret Service -- where he would have served as a protector to the president.

Not wanting to let his daughter down, Tatum's character -- Cale -- takes her on a tour of the White House, when the complex is then overtaken by a heavily armed paramilitary group. With the nation's government falling, it becomes up to Cale to save the president, his daughter, and the country.

"I think the movie is a party," she said at the premiere on June 25, in an interview provided by Columbia Pictures. "I think it's like, a good time. I don't think you're supposed to sit quiety in your seat and watch it -- I think you're supposed to have a party."

"I also think though, that this movie has some interesting things to say though about the world and about the way things are working," she continued. "For me, I am all about going to the movies to try and have a good time -- especially in the summer -- but I also want to think a little, you know? And this movie kind of gives you both."

The thriller was directed by Roland Emmerich, who also helmed the popular 1996 film "Independence Day" and the 2004 sci-fi film "The Day After Tomorrow."

Check out clips and interviews with the cast above (WARNING -- Movie clips contain gun violence). Also, check out the film's official trailer and Gyllenhaal's appearance on "Watch What Happens Live" below.

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