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William Fichtner's 'Lone Ranger' look took a lot of time

July 1, 2013 12:00:00 AM PDT
William Fichtner takes on the role of the villainous Butch Cavendish in "The Lone Ranger." It took some time to create the character's look.

"The first time we put it on, it took three, three-and-a-half hours. And then we got it down to two-and-a-half," said Fichtner. "Every day would be two-and-a-half to put it on, an hour to take it off. And the first day that he put the whole thing on...I looked in the mirror, put the hat on and I was like, "Thank You. Wow. Wow!"

Now that he had the right physical look, he needed the right wardrobe to go with it.

"It's wool. It's layers. It's a vest. I'm always going with a knee-length coat on. We had days where it's well over 100 and where the glue that's holding the prosthetic nose is starting to melt, said Fichtner.

While "The Lone Ranger" is a big budget action-filled western, Fichtner just liked playing an interesting character.

"It always comes down to that, you know, for me. I just love finding the guy," said Fichtner.

"The Lone Ranger" opens on Wednesday.