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OTRC: 'Despicable Me 2' star Kristen Wiig talks minions and more: 5 facts

Kristen Wiig appears in a June 19, 2013, interview with OTRC.com for 'Despicable Me 2.'

Kristen Wiig lends her voice to "Despicable Me 2" and plays the Anti-Villain League agent Lucy Wilde, who recruits the former villain Gru, voiced by Steve Carell, on a top-secret mission.

The former "Saturday Night Live" alum also lent her voice in the first film as Miss Hattie, who ran the Home for Girl's Gru's adopted daughters lived at before they met him.

Now with two "Despicable Me" films under her belt, the actress revealed five things about filming the movie and about herself during a recent interview with Cari Skillman of KABC Television, OTRC.com's parent company.

Check out the five things she revealed below.

1. Wiig has a tough time telling the little minions apart.

"I can't tell them apart very well," Wiig admitted when asked which minion was her favorite. "I mean Dave, of course, you know, Dave the minion. It's hard to pick. They're all so equally crazy and cute. "

2. The animators for the film included some of the facial expressions they saw in video footage from when Wiig recorded the voice for Lucy.

"There's some eye stuff that she does that I think maybe I had been known to do maybe," she said. "It's funny because, you know, they film you when you're in the booth and they take certain characteristics and they sort of translate that into your animated characters. So it's interesting to kind of see things that you do and then wonder like, 'Do I do that? Is that from me?'"

3. She's "regressing" when it comes to technology.

When asked if she was interested in the technology, Wiig responded, "I'm not really ... I'm kind of going the opposite way where I don't really like email, I don't really use my computer that often. I wish I didn't use my phone that much. I'm kind of going ... I'm regressing technically ... technologically."

4. Wiig said she didn't really need to improvise too much in the movie.

"They're really good about you having your own take and everything," she said of the filmmakers. "It is animated, so you pretty much stick to the script and plus, the script was so good, but, you know, after they get their take they kind of say like, 'Do whatever you want.'"

5. "Despicable Me 2" is definitely written for both adults and kids to enjoy.

"There's specific things that I laughed out loud at and I thought, 'Oh kids probably won't even know what that is.' And I'm sure there are things that kids are going to laugh at," Wiig said. "I think that's what makes a good animated movie because you know parents are going to be taking the kids to go see it so why not have there be, you know, little sort of inside jokes for them to enjoy."

"Despicable Me 2" also features the voices of Miranda Cosgrove and Benjamin Bratt. Check out the trailer below.

Reporting by Cari Skillman of KABC Television, which produces the entertainment show "On The Red Carpet" (check for local TV listings).

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