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OTRC: Jay-Z talks to fans during Twitter #MCHG live chat, reveals 15 facts

Jay-Z's newest album, "Magna Carta Holy Grail," will become available to everyone on Tuesday, July 9, and in an effort to promote his latest work, the rapper took to Twitter for a live chat where he answered questions from fans who used the #MCHG hashtag on Monday, July 8.

The 43-year-old not only answered questions about the new album, but he also answered questions about his favorite cereal, Miley Cyrus and joked with comedian Aziz Ansari about his favorite pasta dish of 2013.

Check out 15 facts Jay-Z revealed during his Twitter chat.

1.His favorite movies.

Jeremy Kravetz (@JStormKravetz) asked: "What's your favorite movie?"

The rapper replied, "Cliche, but, really great. 'Godfather2.' 'True Romance' is high on my list."

2. The album he most enjoyed making.

Dan Lewis (@iamD_L_) asked: "Which of your albums was the most enjoyable to make?"

Jay-Z replied, "Vol 2 no follow up to that please. '98."

The rapper was referring to his 1998 album "Vol. 2... Hard Knock Life," which featured hit singles like "Hard Knock Life" and "Can I Get A..."

3. His biggest entrepreneurial tip.

Daniel Greenberg (@danieleric17) asked: "Biggest entrepreneurial tip you've learned?"

Jay-Z answered, "Don't listen to anyone, everybody is scared."

4. He thinks Miley Cyrus "is a GOD."

Chakaworks (@chakaworks) asked: Do you think twerking should replace the electric slide at weddings?

Jay-Z responded, "Personally???YES.. Miley is a GOD."

Cyrus can be seen twerking, a popular dance, in her new video for "We Can't Stop." The rapper also mentions her in the song "Somewhereinamerica," which is on "Magna Carta Holy Grail," according to CNN.

"Feds still lurking / They see I'm still putting work in / 'Cause somewhere in America / Miley Cyrus is twerkin," he raps. "twerk Miley, Miley twerk."

Another Twitter user wrote to Jay-Z about the song asking "You really think Miley Cyrus still twerking somewhere in America," to which the rapper responded, "Yes! she represents an old worlds worst nightmare."

Cyrus agreed with Jay-Z's tweet and tweeted, "Exactly right. I am an old worlds worst nightmare. #outwiththeold #inwiththenewnew."

5. The historical figure he would want to spend the day with.

@Princess_Pink27 asked: "If you could travel back in time, which historical figure would you want to spend a day with?"

Jay-Z wrote, "Picasso Baby."

6. Music artists he enjoys outside of rap.

Robert Horton (@Obi_Wan_Robio) asked: "Outside of rap what artists or albums are you currently listening to?"

Jay-Z replied, "James Blake and some Gonj..I can't spell it, so."

7. His favorite Michael Jackson songs.

@sIowdowns asked: "What's your favorite Michael Jackson song?"

Jay-Z tweeted, "'Human Nature.'" He also added in his favorite Prince song saying, "Prince 'Dorothy Parker,'" referring to Prince's song "The Ballad of Dorothy Parker."

8. He's not thinking about retiring again.

Ikanyeng Soul-On-Ice (@Ikizzy_Born) asked: "Hov, is 'MCHG' your last album?"

"I tried that before, I wasn't so good at it. #mylaugh," the rapper wrote, referring to the time when he "retired" after releasing his eighth studio album "The Black Album" in 2003. After doing a few side projects and collaborations, Jay-Z came back in 2006 with the album "Kingdom Come."

9. Would he want Notorious B.I.G. on his new album if the rapper was still alive?

Mookie Cuts (@thebeginnin) asked: "Would BIG be on the #MCHG if he was here ??"

Jay-Z replied, "Are you going for tears???? Wow.oh, sorry, absolutely. BK style."

10. His favorite cereal.

Austin Timberlake (@Timberflake27) asked: "Mr. Jay z what's your favorite cereal?"

Jay-Z wrote, "Cap'n crunch growing up. I haven't had cereal in a bit #factsonly Crunch berries tho."

11. "Magna Carta Holy Grail" might be his fourth best album.

A user named @Beyonce_Miami asked: "Do you think MCHG is your best work?

"Hard to beat RD,BP1,TBA. it can fight for 4th #factsonly," the rapper said, referring to his previous albums "Reasonable Doubt," "The Blueprint" and The Black Album."

12. His favorite pasta dish of 2013.

Comedian and "Parks and Recreation" star Aziz Ansari asked: "For real, what's your favorite pasta you've had in 2013?"

Jay-Z joked, "Linguine and clam, but, you knew that!"

13. Blue Ivy is a giants fan?

Geespin (@geespin) asked: "Ask @S_C_ about his Cowboys I bet he won't answer tho.....lol"

Jay-Z responded, "Blue is a Giants fan I broke the cycle."

14. The advice he'd give to his younger self.

Great Dane (@realgreatdane) asked: "If you could tell yourself anything back before you blew up? Which by the way was ages ago. Lol. What would it be? #newrules"

Jay-Z replied, "Time is money."

15. His birthday gift idea.

Amar Singh (@brownguyyo) asked: "Did you eventually get a picasso?"

Jay-Z wrote, "No..my birthday is DEC 4 though."

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