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OTRC: Backstreet Boys on their new tour and album: 3 highlights (Video)

The Backstreet Boys appear in an interview with OTRC.com on July 31, 2013. (OTRC)

In April, the Backstreet Boys celebrated their 20th anniversary and the group shows no signs of slowing down.

With a new tour set to kick off on Aug. 2 in Chicago and a recently released album, called "In A World Like This," the guys had a lot to talk about with OTRC.com correspondents Tony Cabrera and Jacob Burch on Wednesday, including whether or not they can keep going for another 20 years.

Check out three highlights from our interview with the Backstreet Boys below and videos from their interview above.

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1. The new Backstreet Boys tour mixes old songs, new songs and an expensive set.

"We're gonna be celebrating 20 years of music together with our fans," Kevin Richardson said. "We're gonna be doing all the old songs that everybody wants to hear, as well as quite a few of the new songs from the new album that we're very proud of."

"We spent a lot of money on this set," Nick Carter joked. "I mean it is -- I'm telling you the truth -- it's a beautiful set, it really is. It's got these LEDs on it. I mean it's a show. It's a big show. We brought all the bells and whistles, we brought everything out of our bag, put it into this 20th anniversary tour and we're ready to entertain people. "

2. They were heavily involved in almost every aspect of their new album.

Howie Dorough explained, "This album here, we actually did do a lot of writing on it. We wrote about 80 to 85 percent of it. We're actually ... now that we're on our own label, our project is completely done. Every ... 100 percent all the ideas from, everything from funding to, you know, all the, you know, ideas of the direction, everything, artwork, is done by us. "

"By doing that, we allow ourselves to get more involved, like I was saying about writing and writing about things that we haven't written about," he added. "There's a song that's written about our kids, there's a song that's written about bullying, I mean there's, you know, just all over the place. We've been able to touch on a lot of different topics in our album."

"But you have to still be passionate about it," Brian Littrell added. "You know, after 20 years, and that's, you know, I guess what you see when you read the music, hear the music, you know and we do love it."

3. The Backstreet Boys can keep making music and touring for another 20 years...as long as the passion is there.

"I think, honestly, we have great communication," A.J. McLean said, when asked how they've lasted so long together. "We don't always see eye to eye, but you know, we're five very heavily opinionated guys, but we all have a same common passion for, you know, music."

"We love to perform. We love our fans. Our fans love us back and they want to see us keep on going, and most importantly we're having fun," he added.

Nick said, "We also don't know how to say no, or never or give up, you know? I think resilience is the word that I always try to use for this group. I mean, we're like a cockroach man, you can't kill 'em even if a bomb went off."

"The last thing standing on Earth will be Backstreet Boys," McLean joked.

Dorough added, "Backstreet Boys and a cockroach."

Reporting by Tony Cabrera and Jacob Burch, correspondents for KABC Television's entertainment show "On The Red Carpet" (check for local TV listings).

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