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OTRC: Olivia Wilde and Jake Johnson on 'Drinking Buddies': 5 facts (Video)

Olivia Wilde and Jake Johnson appear in an interview with OTRC.com on Aug. 15, 2013.

Former "House" actress Olivia Wilde and "New Girl" star Jake Johnson appear together in the upcoming film "Drinking Buddies" alongside "Pitch Perfect" star Anna Kendrick and "Office Space" actor Ron Livingston.

The movie tells the story of Chicago craft brewery co-workers Kate (Wilde) and Luke (Johnson) who are friends that occasionally flirt and would likely be perfect for each other, if they weren't in other relationships.

Wilde and Johnson recently talked to George Pennacchio of KABC Television, OTRC.com's parent company, about drinking beer during filming, Wilde serving as an executive producer and a warning they have for moviegoers who might see the film when it opens on Aug. 23.

Check out five facts from their interview here.

1. Unlike her party animal character in the film, Wilde went to a "nerdy, serious boarding school.'

"I went to a nerdy, very serious boarding school where people -- it was cool to get good grades and I didn't do partying the way Kate probably did," she explained.

"But, you know, it's an interesting point you bring up that this character was probably someone who, at a younger age, was the most fun girl. The girl you wanted to date and be best friends with," she said about her character. "Once you hit 30, it's not so cute."

2. Wilde also served as an executive producer on the film.

"That's just a matter of being able to support the film any way I can because I'm so proud of it," Wilde said. "I'm just very lucky to be a part of it and I'm just so happy that the world is getting to see it."

3. The cast occasionally drank real beer while filming their scenes.

"That mixed with the fact that our director wanted us to drink real beer made it kind of an amazing job," Johnson said. "That's [Wilde] my co-star and my director would say, 'Hey man. What's going on?' He goes, 'What kind of beer do you want?' And I'd be like, 'Well, let's go with that one.'"

Co-star Anna Kendrick told Vulture in a recent interview that in one scene she was given fake beer and in another she was given real beer and she "didn't realize it was real until halfway through the take."

"I was like, 'I'm super drunk right now!' And so as soon as the take was over, I had to announce to everybody that I was drunk at work," she added.

4. The movie was filmed quickly but didn't feel rushed.

"We both come from TV, I mean have both worked in TV and you are used to that schedule of having to get pages done every day, but the difference between that process and this one, for me, is that we weren't having to over cover every scene," Wilde said. "It was moving fast but I never felt like we didn't get something that we needed."

Johnson added, "It didn't feel rushed."

5. The film is more than just laughs and Wilde has a bit of a warning for moviegoers.

"Even though it's a comedy -- it's as much of a drama as it is a comedy and there's a lot of laughs in there but it's a serious movie," Johnson said.

"A warning would maybe be don't go with your best friend that you're secretly in love with," Wilde said. "Or do [go] if you want the conversation to happen."

Reporting by George Pennacchio of KABC Television, which produces the entertainment show "On The Red Carpet" (check for local TV listings).

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