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OTRC: Lily Collins talks 'Mortal Instruments' sequel (Video)

Lily Collins spoke about her new film Jamie Campbell Bower, in theaters Aug. 21. (OTRC)

Actress Lily Collins is prepared to kick butt and take names in her new film "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones."

In the action-adventure film, in theaters nationwide this Friday, Collins plays Clary Fray, a young girl in New York City who learns that she is a descendent from a long line of warriors who protect Earth from evil demons following her mother's disappearance. Clary then bands together with others just like her to combat in an alternate New York known as Downworld.

The film is based on the best-selling book by the same name, which is one of six potential stories that could hit the big screen in future sequels. The film has already received the greenlight for a sequel, "The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes," due out in 2014.

"We're starting the sequel next month, which is amazing. You hope that it gets to go to a sequel, it would be a dream to do more. I think we just kind of at this point have to wait and see how the first one does and the sequel and go from there, but it's amazing."

Collins' co-star Jamie Campbell Bower, who plays Jace Wayland in the film, gave insight as to why audiences will particularly grow found of Collins' character Clary.

"What I think is great about the movie is that everything the audience is experiencing for the first time, Clary's experiencing for the first time," Bower said to OTRC.com. "So, it's not like you're sitting there having to catch up, she's asking the same questions the audience is asking, which is great."

Collins' character Clary undergoes a major makeover in the film, transitioning from a normal New York girl to a girl decked out in leather and heels ready for battle.

"It was a process. I had 6-inch leather boots that go over the knee and a dress that literally was like a top," said Collins. "And I had to do all my stunts in that, so it's one thing to do stunts normally and another to add those outfits. But hey, I learned how to run in heels better and fight hardcore in leather so, what's not to love about that?"

Kevin Zegers, who plays Alec, also reiterated the physical process it took to get character ready for the film.

"[Director] Harald [Zwart] was very adamant that we do it all ourselves. I hate those kind of movies where you can sort of tell that they switch people out," said Zegers to OTRC.com. "And a huge part of these characters are how they physically carry themselves, so he wanted us to do them all ourselves and we did. That was just sort of part of the deal."

"The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones" hit theaters nationwide on Aug. 21.

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