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OTRC: Sandra Bullock, George Clooney crack jokes at 'Gravity' event (Video)

Sandra Bullock and George Clooney appear at a press event in Venice, Italy, on Aug. 28, 2013. (The Associated Press)

It seems like Sandra Bullock and George Clooney had a good time with reporters at a recent press conference to promote their upcoming film "Gravity," which opened the Venice Film Festival on Wednesday Aug. 28.

At the event, the two A-listers talked about their training for the movie and made fun of themselves.

The movie, which has been receiving rave reviews from critics, is about a medical engineer (Bullock) and an astronaut (Clooney) who are stranded in space after debris from a satellite crashes into their space shuttle. The film hits theaters on Oct. 4.

"I just, you know, in general, through my career and certainly in the last 15 years of my career, I just try to find really good scripts and if there's something that I can do in them," Clooney said when a reporter asked about choosing to star in this film. "There were only two parts and Sandy had the other one, so I felt this was the only part I could get away with and I didn't want to spin around in my underwear. It just didn't look right with me."

A reporter also asked how he trained for his role in the film and Clooney joked, "Sandy and I did a lot of Bikram yoga together."

"We're good that way. Very flexible," Bullock added."

Clooney responded, "Sandy actually had a much harder job. Obviously, clearly in this film but she had a trainer on the set and she worked very hard on it. I just mostly drank my way into the job."

Bullock talked about what kind of training she likes to do and how her 3-year-old son, Louis, helps her stay in shape.

"I love to dance, I have a background, I was a gymnast, I was a dancer, I just don't like gyms I'm very bored so I'm just cardio, music, just blast the music for an hour and don't stop moving your body. Lightweights," she said. "I have a 40 pound 3-year-old who still is a baby and insists on being carried so I must stay strong. So just that."

"I secretly want to be an athlete in my next lifetime. I'd secretly like to be a professional athlete, so I think that's sort of my side love is just doing something every day that makes you break a sweat and reminds you that you have a body and I love it," she added. "And it also, it just calms you down a little bit. But to carry a heavy child is pretty much the workout, yeah."

One reporter attempted to get a serious answer out of Clooney and asked him his thoughts on President Obama and the situation in Syria to which Clooney responded, "You know I was hoping I would get that question. I actually thought you were going to ask about Ben Affleck playing Batman, but no. No, it's Syria. No, I don't think I have much of an answer for that, obviously."

Check out the trailer for "Gravity" below.

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