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OTRC: 'Revenge' season 3 spoilers: Nick Wechsler (Jack) Q&A

Nick Wechsler sits down with OTRC.com to discuss season 3 of 'Revenge.' (OTRC)

The tension is about to rise in the Hamptons again, as season 3 of the hit ABC primetime soap opera 'Revenge' gears up for its Sunday, Sept. 29 premiere.

One of the stars of the show Nick Wechsler, who plays Stowaway Tavern owner Jack Porter, returns to the show this season following a year of turmoil -- including the death of his younger brother Declan, the death of his wife and mother of his child Amanda Clarke and discovering that Emily Thorne, played by Emily VanCamp, is in fact the real Clarke.

Check out Nick Wechsler's Q&A with OTRC.com below. Spoiler alert!

1. I feel like season 3, you guys are getting back to the core of the "Revenge" we were anxiously waiting for in season 1 -- do you think that's the case?

" Yeah, I mean I think that's the idea sort of because, there was a bit of a ratings dip in season 2 and it was a bit harder to follow and everything, but I actually was very fond of season 2 and it did I think better things for me than season 1 even did. It gave me more interesting acting opportunities, he was sort of in a holding pattern for most of season 1."

"But season 3, their idea is sort of stripping it down, taking away "The Initiative" and things like that. They even have a line in the first episode that's sort of like, distancing themselves from that idea a little bit."

2. Your character endures so much heartache and tragedy in season 2. What does this mean now for your character in season 3?

"He's angry. He's got a lot of anger and basically nowhere to aim it, well except at Emily. He's also attempting to abandon his plans to attempt revenge against Conrad, because he's sort of done the math that Emily never really did, because if she did it there would be no show."

"But the issue of what is the ultimate point of revenge, you know, you become a monster yourself in order to exact it so, I think Jack sort of realizes that he loses too. He's not going to be able to be in his child's life if he gets Grayson in the way he deserves to be gotten, so he's trying to leave it and live with the injustice."

3. Jack and Emily have this intense moment -- will they, won't they? What does that foreshadow?

"It's interesting. It's perhaps not what you think, but I'm not going to say more than that. They both feel something."

"I think if they do [get together], for me the smart money would be on saving that for the end or if they're going to do it sooner, get them together and kind of break them up. I used to be a huge "The X Files" fan and I think part of the brilliance that Chris Carter did with it was never getting Mulder and Scully together. People asking 'When are you going to get together?' is more important than us being together."

4. In the start of season 3 we see a leading character getting diagnosed with a neurological disease. Does it bring even more chaos?

SPOILER ALERT: "It means that basically he might not be able to stay in office. So the Graysons are sort of more desperate than ever before. He was untouchably a politician, but then this threatens that. It complicates things for them a lot and they have to find other ways to make ends meet."

5. Season 3 starts with a bang and I am assuming that foreshadows what you guys will work your way up towards by the end of the season. So what is this Daniel Grayson, Emily wedding scene? It seems like it would be the most epic wedding.

"It's presumably their wedding. And yeah it starts with her getting shot and then as we do, we build up to explaining how that happened, how we arrived at that conclusion. We don't know who shot her and it could be anyone. [Jack] has plenty of reason to be angry enough to do that."

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