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OTRC: Adam Levine, CeeLo Green talk 'The Voice,' 'American Idol' (Video)

CeeLo Green and Adam Levine talk to OTRC.com about season 5 of NBC's 'The Voice,' which premieres on Sept. 23, 2013.

Singers Adam Levine and CeeLo Green are gearing up for another season on NBC's hit singing competition series "The Voice" and make a strong case for why their show is different from FOX's "American Idol."

Levine, who has been a regular on the series since its debut in April 2011, and Green, who sat out season 4 last spring, return to the NBC show beginning on Sept. 23, after a season that saw the show beat out former ratings juggernaut "American Idol" in the ratings. The June finale of "The Voice" drew more than 15 million viewers.

The two sat down with OTRC.com to discuss what they have learned from each other as coaches, what advantage CeeLo has having taken a season off and why their show is succeeding against the likes of "American Idol."

What is it about "The Voice" that makes it topple a show like "American Idol?"

Adam Levine: "We don't concern ourselves with any of that on our show. And our show's great and we love it. And quite frankly, I'm not a television person, ironic as it may be that we are on a television show that is as big as it is. But I think one of the reasons why the show is good is because we don't like TV."

CeeLo Green: "I do ultimately think that two things can co-exist when they are as different as those two shows are."

Adam Levine: "'American Idol' is like, a huge show. It's like 'American Bandstand' or one of these big, kind of cultural, monolithic things that is going to exist for probably a really long time. But it's not anything like our show. The only thing that makes it similar is that it's a singing competition but, you know, they're different."

We're going into season 5. Adam, you've been here all the way through. You [CeeLo] were off last season. Competitively, do you think that gives you an advantage over CeeLo and Christina?

Adam Levine: "No, I don't think anything gives us an edge. If anything, to be honest with you, I feel like maybe they have the edge over us because they've had some time to breathe. They get to come back with a fresh perspective."

[To CeeLo] Do you think having had that time away for a season, you come in with a fresh perspective?

CeeLo Green: "Yeah, I do. But it's ironic in a way, where they still got a chance to continue on and gain even more of a role as far as experience. They weren't sitting still or beside, idle, as I was. ... I like the calculated risk, I like the feeling of unpredictability, and that's actually the energy that I kind of I bring to the show and share and encourage amongst us, so it does not ever become sterile."

Watch videos of the full version of OTRC.com's interview with Adam Levine and CeeLo Green above.

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