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OTRC: Chris Hemsworth talks 'Rush,' being 'big kid': 3 facts (Video)

Chris Hemsworth talks to OTRC.com about the 2013 film 'Rush.' (OTRC)

Chris Hemsworth plays a Formula One race car driver in Ron Howard's new biographical film, "Rush," and identifies with his character's "big kid" mentality."

The 30-year-old Australian star, known for his title role in the "Thor" films, plays James Hunt, a British racer who won the Formula One World Championship in 1976. The movie depicts his rivalry with Austrian driver Niki Lauda, played by Daniel Bruhl. Olivia Wilde plays Hunt's wife, supermodel Suzy Miller, and "Game of Thrones" actress Natalie Dormer plays a nurse.

"Rush" had a wide theatrical release in the United States on Sept. 27.

Check out 3 facts Chris Hemsworth revealed about the film, his character and himself.

1. Did "Rush" make Chris Hemsworth a better driver?

"Maybe. There's few moments in the track, in the driving school, where you kind of become a little over-confident and you quickly realize, 'Hang on, this is, there's a whole lot of power right here and I gotta pull back a bit.'"

2. "Rush" is not just a racing film.

"At the heart of this thing, there's a thrilling sort of backdrop to it but it's a character drama. I think the film has tested highest amongst women who aren't Formula One fans and that says something about what it's about."

"Myself or Ron [Howard], we weren't fans of Formula One, didn't know much about it. But the reason we love this story is because it was about two guys who approach life with all the commitment possible but had completely different ways of approaching it. One was a mathematician and would absolutely calculate everything -- he was disciplined, and the other guy was visceral from the gut, head down, go for it, party, drink, smoke, women, whatever."

3. Chris Hemsworth vs. James Hunt

"What I think I empathized with or what I kind of identified with was ... the fun he liked to have. There's a big kid there, which I think exists in me and has for a long time -- not being able to sit still for too long and wanting to keep active and do things and have a great time doing it and that was his motto -- if you're not having fun, what's the point?"

"But there were contradictions there as well. He also was an incredibly vulnerable human being and was the need to be kind of acknowledged and accepted or liked but incredibly outgoing as well. It just there were things I could relate to, there were things which I just found fascinating."

Watch a video of OTRC.com's extended interview with Chris Hemsworth above and also check out the trailer for "Rush."

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