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OTRC: 'Breaking Bad' finale: 5 quotes from actors, creator (Video)

'Breaking Bad' stars Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman) and Bryan Cranston (Walter White) raise a champagne toast at an Los Angeles event celebrating the fifth and final season of the AMC show on July 24, 2013. The finale airs on Sept. 29.

The 75-minute finale of the Emmy-winning AMC series "Breaking Bad" will air on Sunday, Sept. 29 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC after five seasons.

As you count down the hours to find out what will happen to Walter White, the terminally-ill chemistry teacher-turned meth cook and kingpin now on the run, his family and Jesse Pinkman, his former student and partner who is being held in captivity by a neo-Nazi drug gang, check out 5 things the stars and the creator of the hit show told OTRC.com about the final episode and their thoughts about the ending.

1. Vince Gilligan ("Breaking Bad" creator):

"I am very satisfied with the ending. I am very happy with it. It took a lot to come up with this ending. It took over a year of work amongst my six excellent writers and myself. We worked real hard on it. We had some dark afternoons of the soul where we were thinking, 'Oh man, we're in trouble here, storywise,' but I think at the end of it all, it worked out ... better than I hoped it would. I'm very, very proud of it."

2. Bryan Cranston (Walter White):

"The very last episode, Aaron Paul and I were in my apartment, in my condo in New Mexico, and we read it for the first time together on camera -- and it's gonna be part of a documentary -- and we're reading, 'The very last episode' and we hesitated. I brought food, we're eating, and we didn't want to get to it because if you did that mean there's no more after this."

3. Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman):

"It was crazy. We had no idea what was coming. We had our own ideas as we do with every other episode. We read it out loud and it was being filmed and at the end, Bryan read, 'End of series' and we just looked at each for a solid probably 10, 15 seconds without a word just 'cause we knew at that moment that there was no more. That was it. That's how the story ended. It was rough but I think it ended in a beautiful way."

4. RJ Mitte (Walt Jr. / Flynn):

"I'm fairly happy with the ending. They outdid themselves. I think everyone will be very satisfied with how it ends and what comes together."

5. Steven Michael Quezada (Steven Gomez):

"I think everybody's gonna be really amazed at how they took a television series and for the first time, end it the way it needs to be ended, where people go, 'I love that and now I'm gonna go back and watch it again because it has a real ending. It's not some guy walking off to the bathroom or whatever. I am [satisfied with the ending], very much so.'"

Did you know? Several of the actors got "Breaking Bad" tattoos to celebrate the final season. Check out Bryan Cranston's, below.

(NOTE: Interviews were carried out at a Los Angeles premiere party celebrating the fifth and final season of "Breaking Bad" on July 24, 2013. Pictured above: stars Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston raise a champagne toast at the event.)

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