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OTRC: 'Metallica: Through the Never': 5 questions for Lars, Dane (Video)

Actor Dane DeHaan and Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich talk to OTRC.com about the 2013 documentary 'Metallica: Through The Never.'

Heavy metal band Metallica's concert documentary film, "Metallica: Through The Never," was released in IMAX 3D on Friday Sept. 27 and stars "True Blood" and "In Treatment" alum Dane DeHaan.

The actor, who plays a roadie named Trip, is well aware of his resemblance to a certain Hollywood heartthrob -- Leonardo DiCaprio. Check out 5 questions answered by DeHaan and Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich in an interview with OTRC.com

1. I do think there's a little bit of Leonardo DiCaprio in you. Have you heard that before?

Dane DeHaan: "You are certainly not the first person to say that. It's certainly not a bad person to be compared to. I think if I have a career similar to his, that would do me just fine. I would love to work with him. I think he's really talented."

2. What did you learn about Metallica that you'd love for people in the general population to just know because it's cool?

Dane DeHaan: "Playing a roadie for the band and playing a person that works for the band, I think seeing all of the roadies that you go along with ... and the passion that they have for the band and the love that really keeps them going ... I think the concert toured around with 38 big rig trucks, like held the stage. These guys, they put it up like in 24 hours and then when their concert's over, they're just at the wings like ready to strike that thing down. Obviously Metallica's amazing and puts on an amazing show but everything under that iceberg, like those people are so passionate and awesome as well."

3. (To Lars) Why are you so fascinated with fire?

Lars Ulrich: (Laughs) "It's pretty cool to sit up there, you know, if you're in a cold arena, and you get the pyro guy to press the fire button -- it sort of warms you up a little bit. ... I'm fresh out of clever answers. It just looks cool, doesn't it? Obviously, you've got Beavis up there going, 'Fire, fire!' So I guess it's just become sort of, over the years, just a part of the fabric of what this band is about, for better or worse."

4. (To Lars) Sometimes when we watch you play drums, it does look like you're possessed.

Lars Ulrich: "I hope that's a good thing. Listen, we try to stay away from patting ourselves on the back but obviously, as the drummer, I'm sort of the one that has to anchor the whole thing down and so I take it obviously fairly seriously."

"I grew up in a very, three generations of hardcore athletes and profession sports and so one so I come from a very disciplined background and so when I get up on stage, I mean, it's sort of like getting in the zone and I take it pretty seriously. I've heard all the jokes about my tongue and all the rest of it and I just go someplace different and just kind of play and do my thing."

5. Lars, you could say that this film ends on a cliffhanger? Let's say this goes into theaters and the audiences can't get enough. Does that bag take us into part 2?

Lars Ulrich: "Listen, it's been a pretty crazy three-year experience. There's a reason that film studios employ like thousands of people to make movies ... we decided to undertake this project by ourselves, we're financing it ourselves and so on. It's been overwhelming and honestly at times, bewildering. Whether we have this in us again, I don't know. I need a little bit of distances from this thing, I need to get back to the studio and make another Metallica record in a couple five years I'll answer your question then."

(Watch videos of the extended interview with the two -- the two reveal what they listen to in the car, plus Lars Ulrich discusses his hearing loss.)

Reporting by George Pennacchio of KABC Television, which produces the syndicated entertainment show "On The Red Carpet" (check for local TV listings).

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