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OTRC: 'Castle' creator: 'Sometimes we want the fandom to be frustrated'

Andrew W. Marlowe appears in an interview with OTRC.com at the Paley Center's panel on 'Castle' on Sept. 30, 2013.

If "Castle" are feeling a little frustrated from time to time, it's because the show's creator, Andrew W. Marlowe, admitted recently that it was "fun" to play with fans a little.

Marlowe, along with "Castle" stars Stana Katic, Nathan Fillion, Molly C. Quinn, Seamus Dever, Jon Huertas and Penny Johnson talked to OTRC.com correspondent Tony Cabera before the "Castle" panel at The Paley Center for Media in Los Angeles on Monday, Sept. 30. The panel was moderated by Rachel Smith, host of the "On The Red Carpet" TV show and OTRC.com.

"It's really great for us to spend time with fans. That's why we do it," Marlowe told Cabrera about attending the panel. "You know, their passion is what keeps us going. When we're rewriting at two in the morning, we're asking ourselves, 'Is it good enough for them?'"

"It's really great to be among them because, you know, sometimes we send these things out into the wilderness of television and we do get the response on social media, which is great and gratifying, but to be able to get them all in a room and to be able to thank them for their passionate viewership is really great for us," he added. "And yeah, you know, we like the applause, but it really is all about an opportunity to be able to share it with them."

So, has the response from the "Castle" fandom caused Marlowe to rewrite plots?

"I would say yes and no," Marlowe said. "Sometimes, the fandom does make us question what we're doing, but often times we use it as a litmus test to see if we're achieving what we want to achieve."

"'Cause, you know, frankly, sometimes we want the fandom to be frustrated because we know what's coming up and they don't," Marlowe added. "So often times it's fun to play with them that way, but it is a gauge as to whether we're being effective in what we want to achieve."

Now that viewers know that Beckett and Castle are finally engaged, will there be a wedding this season or will the couple struggle with trying to make Beckett's new position in Washington, D.C. work? Marlowe said simply, "Stay tuned."

"I think that we'll be seeing some babies. As to a wedding or a break-up, I think people need to be patient and see how these couples develop," he teased. "I mean, they just got engaged last week and already the pressure? Really? When are you gonna get married? When are you gonna have kids? I mean, come on. Let them enjoy themselves for a little bit."

Although Castle and Beckett are still working out some of the logistic of their relationship, Marlowe also said that it might take some of their co-workers and family members time to adjust.

"I don't think the folks in the 12th precinct were that surprised by it [the engagement], but I do think that we're going to play some aspects of it forward when they're getting used to Castle and Beckett as a new couple," Marlowe said. "I think it will be particularly impactful on say Alexis' character [played by Molly C. Quinn] and how the dynamic in the loft develops."

Reporting by Tony Cabrera, correspondent for KABC Television's entertainment show "On The Red Carpet" (check for local TV listings).

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