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OTRC: Lauren Conrad talks new 'XO(Eco)' fashion line: 3 questions

Lauren Conrad spoke to OTRC.com about her BlueAvocado collaboration, 'XO(Eco).' (OTRC)

Lauren Conrad continues to expand on her growing empire with a new eco-friendly partnership with BlueAvocado called "XO(Eco)."

Conrad, who rose to fame as the protagonist of the MTV reality series "The Hills," successful fashion lines and as a New York Times best-selling author, teamed up with BlueAvocado for a second collection of eco-friendly everyday items, including lunch, shopping, travel and beauty bags and entertaining essentials.

Conrad spoke to OTRC.com about collaborating on the "XO(Eco)" line, what she uses the products for most and what the starlet has in store for her career next. Check out 3 questions with Lauren Conrad.

What is the mission, the context behind BlueAvocado -- they represent eco-friendly, eco-conscious products right?

"Yes, of course. I think that our main message is 'no compromise.' The idea was I wanted to come in and I loved the product, I loved the message, I love everything they do, it's all made from recycled plastic water bottles which is great, and to kind of have some fun with the prints and the design and make it a bag that I would, hopefully, walk into a store and be like 'I love this,' and pick it up not knowing that it had been recycled. I think that's the idea, that you don't have to compromise when you're wearing green products."

What are some of the highlights for you within the collection?

"For me, day-to-day for grocery shopping, I tend to grocery shop every other day. I go a lot because I like to, on my way home from work, stop real quick and grab stuff for dinner, and I live really close to a couple of markets so it's really easy. I keep these different sizes [of shopping totes] in my car just in the little side pocket. Actually I can fit these [shopping totes] in my purse, too, and it expands real big and it carries all your groceries."

You have done it all at the age of 27 -- three clothing lines, seven books, you're a New York Times best-selling author -- what is there left to do?

"I'm launching a website in the next two weeks. It's called "TheLittleMarket.com" and basically I've spent the last year with one of my best friends traveling all over and we're launching in Nepal, India, Bolivia, Peru and Oaxaca."

"We've gone and met with groups who work with people and we're only working with groups that employ women and we're kind of focusing on places where it's difficult for women to support themselves and their family and get work. So we're selling artisan products and we've worked with them on design, so we've kind of tweaked stuff and just kind of helped them to make things a little more saleable. But it's nice because we're kind of giving them a platform to sell their handy crafts."

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