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OTRC: Daniel Radcliffe: 'Kill Your Darlings' is just a love story (Video)

Daniel Radcliffe spoke to OTRC.com about his new film 'Kill Your Darlings' (October 2013).

Daniel Radcliffe takes on the role of an American poet caught in the middle of a murder in his new film "Kill Your Darlings."

The film hit theaters on Oct. 18 and also stars Dane DeHaan and "Dexter" star Michael C. Hall. It takes place during the 1940s and members of the "beat generation," focusing on a group of innovative writers who rejected traditional social norms and standards. The role continues Radcliffe's career theme of selecting challenging and daring roles following his years in the "Harry Potter" film franchise.

OTRC.com sat down with Radcliffe to discuss the film, why he continues to take on challenging roles in his career and why he does not shy away from portraying a gay character in the movie.

Check out 3 highlights from the interview.

1. You don't shy away from love stories like the one portrayed in this film.

"I think this is a film, you know, about two men who are in love and it's not, you know, a lot of people are calling it a gay love story and it's like well, it is kind of just a love story. There's no differences in how, and people say, 'How do you prepare to play in love with a man,' and I don't know, I just act in it as if I was in love with Dane [DeHaan]."

"I don't think you can shy away from gay love scenes or the idea of homosexuality in a film about the 'beat' generation. You'd really be sort of missing a lot out."

"I think there's a lot made of it in the media because it's a headline and it's an easy thing in a particular context to what I've done in the past, being mainly marked at a younger demographic, it makes it something easy for people to write about. But it is just that, and I think when people go and see the film, it's sort of being talked about in some ways , they'll call it 'steamy.' It's really not steamy, it's kind of vulnerable and afraid."

2. Do you like taking on challenging film roles?

"I don't know, I'm competitive, so maybe that's what that is. I do enjoy, sort of, somebody once said to me there's sometimes nothing more fun in life than banging your head against a brick wall. So I do enjoy a challenge. With this material, and somebody else just asked me, 'are you just a kind of dark person or is that just where your mind is all the time?'"

"And I don't think it is but I definitely do think I'm attracted to it in material and it's the kind of stuff I like to watch as well. I also think for me, if you don't take something away from a job , something you've learned, then it was pointless. You should always be learning."

3. Did you have a lot of familiarity with these "beat" guys?

"They're not as widely taught in England, but I definitely knew. I sort of read the most famous thing by each of them. But I knew nothing about them, I knew like some of the more scandalous details of Burroughs' personal life but nothing really about Ginsberg's at all."

"That was one of the things that was fascinating, sort of learning about his mother and the relationship with his mother, you know, how that must have impacted his life. It was kind of fascinating, one of the things I definitely keyed into when finding where he sort of comes from emotionally."

Watch videos of Radcliffe's full interview with OTRC.com above, along with a trailer of the film and his interview on the red carpet at the "Kill Your Darlings" premiere earlier this month.

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