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OTRC: Chloe Grace Moretz talks 'Carrie,' blood scene: 3 questions

Chloe Grace Moretz spoke to OTRC.com about 'Carrie,' in theaters Oct. 18, 2013. (OTRC)

Chloe Grace Moretz is gearing up to scare audiences as she takes on the iconic role of "Carrie."

The film, a remake of the Stephen King novel and 1976 film starring Sissy Spacek, stars Moretz alongside Julianne Moore, who plays Carrie's mother in the film, which hit theaters on Oct. 18.

Moretz sat down with OTRC.com to talk about the film's iconic blood scene, working with Julianne Moore and how social media made its way into the current adaptation of the horror classic. Check out three questions the "Carrie" star answered and watch the full interview above.

1. The blood scene -- describe that experience.

"Well, basically we only had two takes of it. So we had one night completely dedicated to the blood dump and the second night completely dedicated to the blood dump and it was made out of food thickener, water, soap and food coloring. It was very staining, so that's why we could only do two takes of it because it would just turn my hair red, the color of blood."

"It felt very soapy, you know, just imagine pouring like a big gallon of just dish soap all over you. Super nasty, very sticky. But it was fun, it very nerve-wrecking. It's like being dropped out of one of those big rides, that's what it felt like."

2. Did you feel the intensity in the script or did you add to it?

"I think what's so special about our film is that it really does center around that mother-daughter relationship and, you know, being able to work with Julianne Moore was such an extraordinary experience that you don't want to take it for granted, you know what I mean? You really want to go there with it."

"Julianne and I felt so comfortable together and she's one of the sweetest women and we decided to really take it to that next level and try all of the things we maybe wouldn't be able to try if we weren't as close as we were. We just really wanted to show people what this relationship was because, even though it is such a tainted relationship, this mother and daughter absolutely love each other. So it's almost this manipulated, convoluted love story between a mother and daughter."

3. Social media changed this Carrie significantly, and it's a little bit dangerous, isn't it?

"I think that was a major point that Kim, the director Kim Peirce, wanted to bring into the story. She definitely wanted to add social media, but also not make it like a time piece saying by saying, 'Oh, I'm going to add it to Facebook, or to Twitter,' because a lot of the websites will just come and go with every ten years."

"But she wanted to add the element of social media because we're in a world where we're just advancing farther and farther and farther, we're not going to be reverting to back to no technology, it's just going to get more influential in our life as the years go by. So she really wanted to keep it up-to-date in that way, but also what was such a special thing with 'Carrie' was that she was so naïve and so kind of stunted in the fact that she didn't even know what the Internet was much less social media, that when they did upload the video, she completely didn't even know about it."

Reporting by George Pennacchio of KABC Television, which produces the nationally syndicated entertainment show "On The Red Carpet" (check for local TV listings).

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