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OTRC: Kate Hudson on fitness, childhood ballet, Fabletics line: 3 questions

Kate Hudson sat down with OTRC.com to promote her new fitness apparel line Fabletics in October 2013.

Actress Kate Hudson is talking on the fitness world with style with her new apparel line Fabletics.

The fitness collection, which features numerous sports bras, running shorts, leggings and jackets in an array of colors, can be purchased online at Fabletics.com. Hudson's new business venture comes the same month the star graces the cover of Shape magazine, baring her toned abs in a pink sports bra (see the cover at Shape.com).

OTRC.com sat down with Hudson to discuss the inspiration behind her Fabletics apparel line, why she lost sight of physical fitness as an actress and what she feels is essential to staying in shape.

Check out three highlights from the interview.

When did fitness first become a big part of your life?

"I was three and my mother threw me into a dance class, a ballet class, where I'd run around and, I just remember they'd get all these balloons and we'd have to keep the balloon up in the air and we'd have to stand on our tippy toes, so it started in our family really young, for all of us. We were a very, very athletic, sort of driven, active family."

Did it become more important as you became an actress?

"No, actually I lost sight of it. It's the opposite, because when you're working, it's really hard to train, you know. I think that it's funny, you know, everyone else seems to kind of have an image thing, but you kind of watch actors and actresses go like they're super fit, and then they get a little soft, and then they get super fit again and then they get a little soft. It usually depends on what role they're playing. We're constantly having to reshape our bodies to play certain types of roles, because that's what we do for a living."

"I lost sight of dance when I started acting. I started working when I was about 18, by the time I was 25 I really started missing that part of my life because I danced my whole childhood and I was super athletic with soccer and stuff my whole childhood. And then I started acting and I sort of lost it, so I started dancing again. I think around 25, after you know, I had to get back in shape with Ryder, because I had to go do a movie and I gained so much weight it was crazy. But after that was when I really started going, 'you know what, I need to have a thing, I need to dance again.'"

When did apparel and looking good at the gym come into play?

"The point for me is, at some point in your life you reach a place and a point where you go, okay, this is no longer about what I want to look like, it's actually about my health, my state of mind, it's about me being a present mother, it's about me being present in the workplace. If I'm not healthy mentally and physically, everything else on that pyramid just sort of shaves off because, you know, I'm not centered."

"For me, when I started thinking about branding and designing and things that I wanted to do with it, I wanted to create a community for women to be able to feel that they have that kind of support to get them to be motivated and reach a sort of larger group of women rather than a smaller group of women who can't afford certain things but to get the same product, the same attention to fashion and detail and at a lower price to get more women involved and motivating themselves to set goals and feel centered, feel good."

Reporting by Tony Cabrera, correspondent for the nationally syndicated entertainment show "On The Red Carpet" (check for local TV listings). The series is produced by KABC Television near Los Angeles.

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