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OTRC: Tom Hiddleston talks 'Thor 2,' Loki, dancing for fans: 5 highlights

Tom Hiddleston talks to OTRC.com about 'Thor: The Dark World' and his acting career in an October 2013 interview in London. (Check out the full interview, plus VIDEOS -- he speaks French! (and other languages ...).)

Tom Hiddleston reprises his role as Loki in "Thor: The Dark World," marking the third time he has played the part on the big screen.

The 32-year-old British actor has over the past few weeks visited different countries to promote the Marvel film, which also stars returning cast members Chris Hemsworth, who plays the title superhero, and Natalie Portman. Hiddleston recently talked to OTRC.com and "On The Red Carpet" host Rachel Smith in London and also answered questions submitted by fans online.

Check out 5 highlights and watch the videos above for the full interview. "Thor: The Dark World" hits theaters on Nov. 8.

1. He speaks different languages ... (fan question)

@Nataliabordotti and several other fans inquired about Hiddleston's foreign language skills. The actor demonstrated his abilities to OTRC.com. Watch the video above to see him speak in several languages, including French.

2. Oh, those crazy fans ... (fan question)

@AngiCariad asked on Twitter about Hiddleson's craziest fan encounter.

"I think it probably has to be at Comic-Con this year, me dressed in that [Loki] costume, 7,000 people. Crazy," he replied.

3. He loves his feet ...

"I was in Seoul in South Korea (check out PHOTOS) and ... 7,000 people turned up to say hi. I was on stage, took some questions, and somebody asked, 'In what body part are you most confident?' ... I thought, 'Well, I love my feet because without my feet, I could not run -- I love running. I could not dance. So I walked right into [that]."

(Watch a video of Tom Hiddleston dancing for fans in Seoul, South Korea, below.)

4. His personal analysis of Loki ...

"The thing about Loki is that you just don't know. You can't predict his behavior ... you can't trust him. He is like mercury. The moment you think you've pinned him down, he's shifted shape and he's probably played you for a fool."

5. On taking on the role of Loki again ...

"The first time I played him, there was a completely blank page and so I was thinking about constructing his physicality, how he was different from me -- black hair, pale face -- kind of a particularly marshal spirit, someone with throwing knives, someone who's a magician, a kind of intellect, a strategist. And then coming back to him, sort of twice in 'Avengers,' three times in this, the thing that sort of gets me up in the morning and cooking is trying to find new ways of making him interesting."

Reporting by Rachel Smith, host of the nationally syndicated entertainment show "On The Red Carpet" (check for local TV listings). The series is produced by KABC Television near Los Angeles.

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