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OTRC: Jennifer Garner: Jared Leto 'stopped eating' for 'Dallas Buyers Club'

Jennifer Garner spoke to OTRC.com about the film 'Dallas Buyers Club' (October 2013).

Jennifer Garner plays a compassionate doctor to HIV positive patients in need in the new film "Dallas Buyers Club."

In the movie, which hit theaters on Nov. 1, Garner plays Dr. Eve Saks, who helped people seek alternative treatments for then-taboo HIV disease. The film also co-stars Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto, who both underwent extreme physical transformations for their respecitive roles.

Garner sat down with OTRC.com earlier this month, where she spoke about playing her character Eve and what it was like working with Leto and McConaughey in their transformed state.

Watch a video of OTRC.com's interview with Garner above and check out three highlights from the sit-down below.

1. Garner's character, Eve, was not afraid to challenge the status quo of medicine.

"This was the beginning of questioning medicine, of patients questioning medicine and forcing doctors to look at it differently and because of that, huge strides were made with breast cancer and with cancers in general and all kinds of diseases, and it all kind of dates back to this time period."

"This is definitely a one-sided version of the story, but it is complicated and you have to believe that somewhere people are just trying to help other people get better. I can't help it, I take kind of an optimistic view of it."

2. Garner had to collect herself when first witnessing McConaughey's shocking transformation.

"I was so taken aback the first time I saw him that I had to go into another room and kind of collect myself, but that didn't go away, I felt that way every single day. He started losing weight months before we started filming the movie, but it sped up as the movie went on and he was expending so much energy and only taking in 700 calories a day."

"And Jared just stopped eating, so Jared just changed from the first day that we shot to the end of the movie to the point where you thought, 'oh he's going to fall over.' Really, it's someone standing in front of him as he walks down the stairs kind of thing. But yes, every single day I found it jarring and upsetting."

3. Garner contends that co-stars Leto and McConaughey could have played the roles 15 pounds heavier and still succeeds in their roles with their emotional performances.

"Everyone talks about the physical transformation of both of these guys and I feel like their performances so outshine what they did physically. It's so much more about what they bring to the character. The fact that they were both thin when they did it does lend a credibility to it, but you didn't need it. If they had does this 15 pounds heavier, both of them, you would have still been totally, totally blown away just by what they brought to it emotionally."

Reporting by Cari Skillman of KABC Television, which produces the nationally syndicated entertainment show "On The Red Carpet" (check for local TV listings).

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