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OTRC: Tom Hiddleston talks 'Thor 2,' comedy acting, 'Muppets': 5 highlights

Tom Hiddleston talks to OTRC.com about 'Thor: The Dark World' and his acting career in an October 2013 interview in London.

Tom Hiddleston has so far enjoyed a busy, thriving acting career that includes not only playing Loki in Marvel's "Avengers" and "Thor" films but also sharing screen time with Kermit the Frog. So what's next for the British star?

One of his long-term projects is what he calls a "very adult" "gothic romance" directed by Guillermo del Toro. But what he secretly hopes for is to bring on the laughs again.

OTRC.com sat down again with Hiddleston to discuss "Thor: The Dark World," which hits theaters in the United States on Nov. 8, and his acting career. Check out 5 highlights from the interview and watch videos of it in full above.

1. Tom Hiddleton wants to do more comedy acting.

The actor, who rose to fame in the United States with his role in Steven Spielberg's 2011 war drama film "War Horse," has appeared in comedy projects before -- he starred in the UK crime comedy series "Suburban Shootout" in 2006 and 2007 and in the celebrity-packed "Stars in Shorts" project in 2012. He also played F. Scott Fitzgerald in Woody Allen's romantic fantasy comedy film "Midnight In Paris."

"I've always wanted to do more comedy," Hiddleston told OTRC.com. "As a child, I started acting because I loved making people laugh. The first things I ever did were comedies and then I suppose when I left drama school in London, I fell into drama. I went and did Shakespeare and I guess that's where I landed."

2. About that "adult" Guillermo del Toro film ...

Hiddleston is set to appear in del Toro's horror movie "Crimson Peak," which is scheduled to be released in 2015.

"It's a gothic romance, it's a horror film, it's very adult with Jessica Chastain and Mia Wasikowska. I have not done that yet and you talk about comedy and it's something that I've really like, I've been sending out many subliminal messages a lot and I hope that someone finds the message in a bottle and I get to do more of that."

3. On not playing the main villain in "Thor: The Dark World" ...

"In a way, I'm relieved, in this film from being the villain because Chris Eccleston does such a great job as the big bad and so it leaves me more freedom to be unpredictable and like the loose cannon, I guess."

4. On his role in the new "Muppets" film ...

"I have a very tiny part in the 'Muppets' movie and that was fun. That's not a serious film. I've shared screen time with Mr. Kermit the Frog and I've probably peaked and it's all downhill from here."

5. His favorite superhero as a child ...

While talking about children's fascination with the comic book and superhero genre, Hiddleston told OTRC.com: "I remember as a kid myself, I will never forget it, watching Christopher Reeve as Superman and not just me, and I became an actor but my friends who are now lawyers and teachers and architects and art dealers ... all of us at that age were compelled by Superman the myth, the mythology, that the idea of a superhero, good and evil."

"And I think that's what it is -- I think children have such huge imaginations and these films play into that," he said. "They want to believe in space and spaceships and gods and monsters and heroes and villains. And I think, I hope, there's still a kid in everybody, that you can tap into that and enjoy the film."

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Check out OTRC.com's first interview with Tom Hiddleston (he demonstrates his foreign language skills!) and also watch a behind-the-scenes video showing the actor, dressed as Loki, filming "Thor: The Dark World" (no audio), plus a clip from the film and a trailer below.

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