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OTRC: Natalie Portman talks 'Thor 2,' working with Kat Dennings (Video)

Natalie Portman appears in an interview with OTRC.com for 'Thor: The Dark World,' in theaters on Nov. 8, 2013. (OTRC)

Natalie Portman steps back into the shoes of Jane Foster in "Thor: The Dark World."

In the film, in theaters on Nov. 8, 2013, Portman reprises her role as Jane Foster, Thor's scientist girlfriend, in the sequel to "Thor," the 2011 blockbuster film. "Thor: The Dark World" also reunites Portman with Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Anthony Hopkins as Thor's father, Odin, and Tom Hiddleston as Thor's evil brother, Loki.

OTRC.com recently sat down with Portman, where she talked about filming the superhero flick in London, working with Hemsworth and Kat Dennings and why she feels the movie touches on real human elements so well.

Check out OTRC.com's interview with Natalie Portman above, as well as clips from the movie, and check out three highlights from the interview below.

1. On shooting "Thor" The Dark World" in London ...

"It was so great to shoot in these, like, legendary places, you Greenwich for example, and then to see it completely destroyed is so crazy. In shooting, they just had columns knocked down and it was all built just for the film but that's sort of the fun of movie making, you know, you can tear down monuments and not actually do any damage in real life."

2. On slapping Chris Hemsworth and working with Kat Dennings ...

"It was definitely cathartic on behalf of a lot of my girlfriends and my past experiences to you know, give a guy his due when he didn't show up when he said he was going to."

"Kat is really just a gem. She is one of those special people and she's so funny. It was really, really fun to get to work with her."

3. On realness and vulnerability of superhero films ...

"I think that's what these movies really excel at, is that they have this escapism and the fantasy and this dream world that we can imagine. But at the same time it has the humor and the elements we can relate to, like the guy who doesn't call back or meeting a boyfriend's parents for the first time, even though you're on some magical planet."

Reporting by Rachel Smith, host of the nationally syndicated entertainment show "On The Red Carpet" (check for local TV listings). The series is produced by KABC Television near Los Angeles.

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