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OTRC: Bradley Cooper talks 'American Hustle,' disco dancing: 3 highlights

Bradley Cooper talks to OTRC.com about the 2013 film 'American Hustle.' (OTRC.com)

Bradley Cooper plays an FBI agent with an agenda and a head full of curls in "American Hustle."

The film reunites Cooper with his "Silver Linings Playbook" co-star Jennifer Lawrence and director David O. Russell. Cooper portrays FBI agent Richie DiMaso, a hot-headed and agitated character who aims to take down several New Jersey power players with the help of con-artists Irving Rosenfeld, played by Christian Bale, and Sydney Prosser, played by Amy Adams.

"American Hustle" hits theaters in limited release on Dec. 13 and nationwide on Dec. 20. OTRC.com recently sat down with Cooper, where he talked about his role in the film, what it's like working with director Russell and gave insight to one of the film's most memorable scenes.

Watch Cooper's full interview with OTRC.com, as well as a trailer and clips from the film, above and check out three highlights from the interview below.

1. Cooper teams up with David O. Russell again, whom he considers a brilliant director.

"He is a brilliant man and, I think, a brilliant filmmaker. Certainly with this one there's a lot of twists of the plot because of the nature of the story, but really it's all grounded in these rich characters. That's where the intelligence comes from, the storytelling of these rich characters."

2. The film's disco scene came together at the last minute.

"That was a thing where we had six hours to shoot it. It was an added scene that we thought of when Amy and I were dancing together in his office and he came in, he goes, 'You guys gotta dance together in the movie.' So we turned this into the scene where they almost sleep together , as being in the bathroom stall of Studio 54, it became this whole thing. So we had six hour to shoot that whole thing. We did that on the fly in a lot of ways."

"You don't think about nailing a scene with him [Russell]. You never know where the scene is gonna go and the smallest scene can wind up being the most profound moment. Like the scene where Irving [Bale] leaves and then Richie comes in and it's very exciting and they [Cooper and Adams] almost kiss, that's not really in the scene, like, that's the end of the scene."

"But it becomes this big moment for those two characters and that's because David wanted that to happen in that moment. So you as the actor have to be ready to go there, even though when you're looking at your work for the day, Christian leaves the room and scene's over."

3. Cooper says he's driven like his character, but is not as impatient as him.

"I'm definitely driven. I think I'm much more patient than he is. He's driven but he's also, like, he's just a kid, man. He's a kid. He's a petulant child who is very naive. That's why I feel sorry for him at the end. I feel for Richie, you know? He's not a bad guy at all, actually. He's just trying to get out from under this rock he thinks he's in."

On Dec. 12, Cooper received a Golden Globe nomination for his role in the movie. Check out a full list of nominees.

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