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OTRC: Amy Adams talks 'American Hustle,' risque wardrobe: 3 highlights

Amy Adams talks to OTRC.com about the 2013 film 'American Hustle.' (OTRC.com)

Amy Adams sports big hair, numerous plunging neckline dresses and a brazen attitude in "American Hustle."

The film reunites Adams with her "The Fighter" co-star Christian Bale and director David O. Russell. Adams plays the female lead Sydney Prosser, a down-on-her-luck woman who channels a British character to help Irving Rosenfeld, played by Bale, con people out of thousands of dollars for their own benefit.

"American Hustle" also stars Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and Jeremy Renner. The film hits theaters in limited release on Dec. 13 and nationwide on Dec. 20.

OTRC.com recently chatted with Adams, who discussed her character's hair and wardrobe selection, as well as gave insight into what working with director David O. Russell was like on this project.

Watch Adams' full interview with OTRC.com, as well as a trailer and clips from the film, above and check out three highlights from the interview below.

1. Adams says working with David O. Russell is like working with a community.

"The way that David works that is so energetic, it can feel really out of control if you don't trust the director. So, you're doing it a lot of different ways and it's really alive and it's 360 and you have to be on all the time. You have to trust the director in that environment and knowing that character is so important to him and the story is so important to him, you just trust him."

"And he cares about each character, I think that's why his pieces end up with this great ensemble quality. There isn't a specific antagonist, protagonist, it's just a big group, it's a community of people telling a story."

2. She became more comfortable with her character's risque wardrobe as shooting progressed.

"It started as one thing and then it sort of evolved. There was a lot of costume fittings where we got to that and I think kind of I just got more and more comfortable with the less and less clothes and we'd started all of it before I had even read the script, so once I read the script I really saw how much the costumes serviced her 'hustle' so-to-speak."

"She would use it to empower herself when she's feeling vulnerable or to distract somebody or to make Irving [Bale] look at her. Whatever it was, she was using that and so it felt very appropriate for her."

3. Adams warns her character is no best friend.

"She's a survivor, you know. I don't know that I wanna be her best friend but boy, she was fun to play."

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