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OTRC: 'Scandal' - 13 Best TV Shows (Spoilers)

Kerry Washington talks to OTRC.com at the 'Scandal' event at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences on May 16, 2013.

(Part of OTRC.com's list of the 13 Best TV Shows)

2. "Scandal": This political drama is one of the few shows on television that still inspires water cooler conversations. West coast viewers have to stay off of Twitter on Thursday nights because the show often dominates the social network's trending topics, which are sometimes filled with big spoilers from the night's episode.

The series stars Kerry Washington as fixer Olivia Pope, Tony Goldwyn as her on-again-off-again lover, President Fitzgerald Grant, as well as Jeff Perry, Bellamy Young, Darby Stanchfield, Joshua Malina, Guillermo Diaz, Columbus Short and Scott Foley.

Why we love it: The romance, cliffhangers, conspiracies, lies and so much more. Each week it's hard not to watch and wonder, "Did that just happen?" Only to find yourself asking the same question three minutes later when another shocking scene comes on, "Seriously, did that just happen?"

It's not just the plot twists that make the show irresistible; the acting on the show is spot on. With any other cast, the action on the show would seem far too melodramatic, but the actors always find a way to keep it from going over the top soap opera style.

Spoiler alert! Washington delivers as Olivia Pope each week with a range that shows off both strength and vulnerability, often in the same scene. Other notable mentions from the season include Young's drunk Mellie (as well as her entire performance in "Everything's Coming Up Mellie," that flashback episode with Fitz's father) and Joe Morton's flawless and rapid-fire delivery of the writers' wordy monologues, particularly the one in which he verbally dressed down Fitz and repeatedly referred to him as "boy" without really breaking a sweat.

The season 3 midseason finale of "Scandal" aired on Dec. 12. For new viewers, it shouldn't be too hard to catch up considering the first season was only seven episodes and the second season is when the show really kicked into high gear. Perfect for binge-watching during the hiatus.

When the show returns from winter hiatus, we really need to find out if Liv's mom is heading to the White House to execute some devious plan (and if she snatched that coat out of Olivia's closet), the fallout out from the murder of the vice president's husband and how Jake handles his new role as the head of B613.

Olivia Pope's fashion and fans: You can't talk about "Scandal" without talking about the fact that it is one of the most stylish shows on television. From Olivia Pope's late night wine-drinking attire (and her entire amazing wardrobe) to the fabulousness that is Mellie Grant's hair, week in and week out "Scandal" features impeccable looks we wish we knew how to copy.

We're in some good company too. Earlier this year Washington told us Mary J. Blige was a fan and reportedly, so is Bill Clinton.

When does "Scandal" return? The show returns for the second part of season 3 with a spring premiere on Feb. 27.

It was announced earlier this month that the show will only have a total of 18 episodes this season, with the last eight episodes airing in the spring.

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