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OTRC: Tricia Helfer talks 'Killer Women,' new ABC show: 3 highlights

Tricia Helfner talks to OTRC.com on Dec. 20, 2013 about the new ABC show 'Killer Women,' which premieres on Jan. 7, 2014 at 10 p.m. ET.

Tricia Helfer is gearing up to bring major action to ABC's primetime lineup beginning as the star of the new series "Killer Women."

Helfer is no stranger to action roles. The actress starred on the hit Sci-Fi Channel original series "Battlestar Galactica" as the character Number Six from 2004 to 2009. Helfer plays a character named Molly Parker in "Killer Women," created by writer Hannah Shakespeare (2012's "The Raven") and lists "Modern Family" star Sofia Vergara as among the show's executive producers.

OTRC.com recently sat down with Helfer, where she talked about the advantages of being tall (she's 5-foot-11), how the landscape of television watching has changed and what audiences can expect in future episodes from her character in "Killer Women," which premieres on ABC on Jan. 7 at 10 p.m.

Watch Helfer's full interview with OTRC.com above and check out three highlights from the interview below.

1. On the advantages of being tall ...

"I think it definitely helps me for this role in particular, yes. I am very tall. Not ridiculously tall but very tall. It does help me. I've got the ... Stetson, the double gun belt and I look like I can chase down a bad guy and I am physically active and I do most of my own stunts and the stunt driving on the show and things like that, so I think to be ... it does help me be a little more imposing than if I was a very petite woman -- I think that would be harder to sell if that I'm this tomboy, chasing down the bad guys or girls."

"It isn't [easy] but man, it's fun. I'm not going to say that there haven't been some fantastic stunt actors ? but I do everything -- 95 percent of my own stuff. Anything that insurance won't allow me to do. Because I have a fun time doing it and I think it helps the show when you can see that it's the actor and so maybe one of the reasons I was cast on the show is I have an affinity to that type of thing and let the pros come in?"

2. On what audiences can expect 3-4 episode in ...

"The show definitely has ... our tag line is eight weeks, eight killers. The first season is a limited run -- it's eight female killers (somebody who's abused, someone who's trying to help her child, a serial killer, a cartel) it just depends. Definitely the relationship side starts to develop about midway through and you start to get to know a little more about Molly's circle of family and her relationship with her boss starts to take hold and relationships with her brother, that type of thing. And he kind of gets himself in a little hot water so toward the end, the finale, you start hinting at that and then toward the finale, kinda culminates in Billy's story and what Molly has to do to help him."

"We always wanted it to be a standalone show so that the casual viewer could come in and enjoy, like a typical procedural. You can come in and you can enjoy each episode as is ? if you haven't seen the previous ones."

3. On what she loves about working in television ...

"I think the same thing is what I love and what scares me, depends on which side you're looking. As a new show coming in, it's also are we gonna find an audience? With so many platforms ... I think the rating system is changing and realizing that everybody's DVRing things ..."

"Live-tweeting and things like that are really starting to take effect ... We're planning on live-tweeting the episodes of the show and [be] a little more interactive with the fans and having them be able to ask you questions right when they're watching it. It's more work. I will be working while I'm watching the episode!"

Reporting by George Pennacchio of KABC Television, which produces the nationally syndicated entertainment show "On The Red Carpet" (check for local TV listings).

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