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OTRC: 'Lone Survivor' Eric Bana talks war film: 5 highlights

Eric Bana talks to OTRC.com about his new movie 'Lone Survivor' (December 2013).

Eric Bana portrays an American Navy SEAL lieutenant in the new war film "Lone Survivor."

In the movie, based on former United States Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell's nonfiction book by the same name, Eric Bana plays Lieutenant Commander Erik S. Kristensen, who was a part of a team involved in the real-life events of the failed Navy SEALs mission known as "Operation Red Wings" during the War in Afghanistan.

Bana's co-star, Mark Wahlberg, portrays Luttrell in "Lone Survivor," directed by Peter Berg. The movie also stars Taylor Kitsch, Emile Hirsch, Ben Foster and Alexander Ludwig and arrives in theaters nationwide on Dec. 27, 2013.

Bana recently spoke with OTRC.com to discuss his role in the film, why he and his co-stars focused on making a quality film to pay tribute to members of the armed forces, and how it was working with director Berg on the project.

Watch Bana's full interview with OTRC.com above and check out five highlights from the interview below.

1. On making a great film for war veterans ...

"I think we all kind of took that part of it very seriously, but at the same time we knew that the real way to respect these gentlemen was to try and make a great film. You can have all the intentions in the world, but that was the bottom line for us."

2. On having a responsibility to the real-life families ...

"It's something we don't take lightly. I can't imagine what it's like for the families. We've met them and been fortunate enough to spend time with them and have been absolutely incredible to all of us. That really means a lot, it means everything to us. They're the reasons we wanted to be involved in the film and to honor Marcus' story and their story."

3. On the performances from the cast ...

"We put a lot of faith in Pete [director Peter Berg], and he's one of the reasons why I wanted to be a part of this story. I think he's great as a director, he really understands the subject matter, he really invested a lot of time into preparing this film and he's a great actor's director. I think everyone's performance in the film, I think the guys did an amazing job and it did, it meant everything to us when those credits role at the end that you're thinking about more than the film. That was our job."

4. On meeting director Peter Berg's training demands ...

"He kind of left me alone, actually. I prepared back home in Australia. He knew I wasn't going to turn up weighing 300 pounds, we had mutual respect. We didn't go toe-to-toe in the boxing ring or anything like that but he's just fantastic to work with. He's got a great energy, you know, he comes to the set like he's come off his horse and he's ready for battle. He's just fantastic."

5. On the film's look during battle sequences ...

"It was very naturalistic. He shot with a lot of cameras, which was fantastic and it's a great style of shooting where sometimes you don't even know where the cameras are and they're a long way away. He loves to keep doing take son after the other without stopping in between, which is also great for an actor because it doesn't mean you get bogged down with resetting all the time and enables you to just stay in the moment for sure."

Reporting by George Pennacchio of KABC Television, which produces the nationally syndicated entertainment show "On The Red Carpet" (check for local TV listings).

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